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Canterlot Progress
Canterlot needs to be split into two seperate tasks, The city and The palace.

  • Canterlot Color Legend
    • Orange squares above builds mean they need detail, such as borders or are not finished in some way.
    • Green squares mean this area needs foliage, such as trees or fancy bushes etc.
    • Red means a home needs to be built here.
    • Blue means a business build needs to be made here.


  • Canterlot City


  • Garden Maze We need statues in one section, and the maze made in the other. If needed, we can increase the mazes size, but hopefully we can make a nice one in the space we have.
  • Businesses: Businesses need to be created all around the city, so try to have them throughout.
  • Homes- Homes are on the east side of Canterlot, on a few plateaus with a cobble road leading to them.


  • Canterlot Palace:
    • Scribbler and Neow will be working on interiors together. For the most part, the palace is finished.

There is not a whole lot of direction I can give over the forums other then get out there, work on decorating the builds and get some homes and stores built!

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Get me Whitelisted and I'll help anytime!
Also, can you do me a favor? I had a really cool build on the old EQ server that I did for my application to build on EQ. Can I have the coords of that build? I'm pretty sure that post was archived at some point.

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Ponyville (Finished)

    • Homes:
      • First priority. It's not hard to do, it just will take time. Look for the glow stone squares and that will show where homes need to go.
      • Look around Ponyville and make houses similar to the rest of the village, but do not block for block copy them. Use the same type of blocks to keep the theme constant, as well as similarly sized.
      • Do not decorate the interior only use stairs and floor's
      • Once done place a red wool block on the house roof
      • Check any homes that have already been built with no red block
      • Only landmark builds will be fully decorated. pville hospital, twily tree, etc.

    • Twilight's Tree house:
      • The exterior looks great, but it doesn't match the interior at all. We need to redo that eventually, but that's not a huge priority. http://aurek-skyclim...-490768620?hf=1Great map of what the inside of the tree house should look like! -Done

    • Street decor:
      • Let's give some areas of the town a feeling of expansion. Leave a rare few (like 2 or 3, not multiples) half built, with scaffolding around them as if the village is expanding. -Done
      • Decorate some of the back alleys with crates and other stuff you could expect to find in the back alleys of Ponyville.-Done

If you get on, and I am not around but you want to build, there is plenty to do in and around Ponyville.


  • 2nd: Everfree.
    • Royal Sisters Palace
      • We need to create a platform in the air and begin designing the castle. It needs a complete overhaul.

    • The path to castle:
      • Needs to be made a bit more obvious. Its easy to get lost, and it needs an obvious turn heading to Zecoras. -Done
      • Could also use some decorating. Ideas: Poison joke patches, The horror looking trees maybe? Animal dens, etc. -Done

Those are the main projects for now, so once those are finished we will move to the next town (Canterlot). For now, focus here.

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