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Why are pony cons not that interesting anymore?

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I guess it is because the fandom has stagnated, the hype is gone, and the amount of fan content is dwindling.

I mean compared to GDQ, pony cons seem kind of boring.

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The pony cons I've been to have always been on the cozier side, size wise, but I haven't noticed a difference, year to year.

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This is more of an opinion than a fact to be honest, personal preference on how you view conventions based on an interest meter or how easy and hard a convention can lose your interest. Fandom stagnated, hype gone, and fan content dwindling? I don't think so or see it happening anytime soon.

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I don't go to conventions, but I can say this. Like all fandoms, this one has changed. I'm not here to debate if it's gotten better or worse, but it isn't the same as it was a few years ago. We can't deny that. You may like how it used to be better.

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Pony conventions are still popular to this day. Just take a look at the convention list on Equestria Daily and you'll see that there are still plenty of cons in 2016 alone  :P.


Correct me if i'm wrong, but perhaps what you were trying to say in your post was that the idea of a pony convention is not that interesting anymore. And I would have to agree somewhat. The idea of grown men congregating together to spend a weekend celebrating the magic of our beloved Equines would have seemed interesting 3 years ago. Nowadays, people probably just bat an eye at us and move on with their daily lives.  

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