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If you had to shoe a pony, who would it be?

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Horseshoes do exist in MLP, but beyond throwing them in a game between Applejack and Rainbow Dash, no one's actually seen wearing them. It's clear that ponies in Equestria would rather get a pair of boots, sneakers or slippers that are as easy for them to put on as any of our footwear.

But let's say they visited our world, and they realized the terrain in the environment was too rough on their hooves compared to Equestria's. They neglected to bring shoes, so the only alternative is a set of horseshoes. And you only have enough for one pony, meaning one gets to walk out freely while the others have to stay indoors or ride around in a camper (yes, that includes the pegasi; you can't have them drawing unwanted attention by flying in the air carelessly).

Who would you shoe?



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Assuming the hypothetical situation where I actually could do this properly, I would choose....Well, Twilight would be an obvious choice but also...Sunburst, why not. He is a cute and relaxed pony so it would nice to chat with him. 

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It wouldn't be Rarity because she would be more interested in fashionable shoes and relaxing indoors anyway. Pinkie, well, I'm not sure she isn't made of rubber or something that would cushion her steps anyway, so no big need there. Fluttershy would be too shy to be the first to venture out into a new world anyway. It wouldn't be Rainbow because she'd take off flying whether it drew attention or not, that girl just ain't gonna stay grounded, who are we kidding? As Detritus said, you don't want Applejack kicking your head clean off. That of course leaves Twilight, who would be an obvious choice to lead an expedition into a new world and represent Equestria as one of their princesses. But economically speaking, one pair of horseshoes can go for two ponies (sort of) it you went with Lyra-Bon (as seen in 'Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?'), assuming they could agree over which direction to walk.  

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I could shoe Rarity, assuming she'd want to walk outside, and she most probably wouldn't want to. I would go with Dashie and take her on an adventure <3


If I had a place good for adventures and not only this bunch of sad, urbanised human nests.

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