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Does/Did RainbowDash Need A Wake Up Call?

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After watching the epsiode Newbie Dash, it struck me as an episode that was meant to give RainbowDash somewhat of a much-needed reminder that she may not be as perfect as she may think and that she doesn't need to brag or worry about showing off all of the time.


This was something that I wanted to see for a long time- as I felt this was something RainbowDash needed to experience to realize these things. I don't expect her to change her attitude completely after this, but hopefully she will take this as a little bit of a wake up call.


Do you think that RainbowDash needed this? Why? Why not?

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In terms of punishment, she needed it. She acted reckless and nearly hurt a lot of ponies in the process. But there are two big flaws:

  1. It's very understandable for Dash to feel this way. The Wonderbolts hazed her by giving her an insult-laden nickname in which it scarred her since she was a filly. She doesn't want to be reminded of those memories again, and for the WBs to hammer in the word without any hint of "friendly banter" puts them (and the moral) in the wrong.
  2. Since season three, Dash has taken dozens of steps back in her characterization. Wonderbolts Academy really showed her at her best: the trials she faced, putting her ego aside, and willingly choosing to quit her dream because her morals mattered more. Since season three, Dash has become more and more out of character in her solo episodes; she's way more mature than featured in yesterday's Dash torture porn.

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