Rainbow Rocks What are your headcanons for the Dazzlings?

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Rainbow Rocks it´s my favourite movie, i love the sirens (even if they are really a chliché) and i have a kinda weird theory about them:


During Welcome to the Show, they sing


"We will be adored Tell us that you want us We won't be ignored It's time for our reward"
I may overanalyzed this, but i think the Dazzlings are just humans: they made a deal with the sirens so they can hide themselves and pretend to be normal teenagers. In reward, they will be adored, probably beacuse before the deal, they were ignored, and probably bullied. 
That would explain the fact that thedazzlings didn´t turn into mermaids, the sirens went out of the necklaces, where they were hiding. 
I may be a genius or freaking insane, but lemme know what you think.
Btw, I´m uruguayian, so if i have some grammatical mistakes, tell me.

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Upon rewatch, the three left as soon as the "sirens" were defeated. Your headcannon about them consisting of three not so socially accepted teenagers seems plausible as to which with power everybody will adore and follow them. Their human forms are basically just hosts for the sirens as to adjust the human world and to deceive the humans.

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Maybe they (especially Adagio) want to be noticed, and not just nameless faces.

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I like to headcanon that the Dazzlings were immortal beings who have been around for at least 1000 years in the Human world, and as such are not only highly intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable(even Sonata) but have a secret lair somewhere filled with loot and supplies they've managed to gather over the years.


One thing I imagine Adagio doing is being into collecting artefacts, art and memorabilia, not just for her own vanity and ego, but because she has been selling them in later eras when their age and rarity makes them valuable, which is one of the ways she's been sustaining the Siren's in terms of possessions. I like to think she's got all manner of old things, from old paintings, to black and white photos of famous people, and old outdated but antique technology like old timey music players, musical instruments, and so forth.


This has all changed with the loss of their amulets and powers, and slowly their immortality is fading away, with them devolving to a normal Human state if they don't do something about it. This would lead to humorous, blurred perceptions of time and ageing from them like "With the small amount of vitality we have left, we will only live another 300 years!" with Sonata comically responding "But that's no time at all! D:"

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