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Alright, here are the rules. :)

This forum is for development, coding, applications, and whatnot produced by our members. Just like the other Octavia's Hall forums, we don't like full-on plagiarism here, so please post your own work and not others. Due to the nature of application development there is an exception to that, though. Code reuse is an accepted part of the industry providing you give the appropriate credit, so if you are re-using someone else's code in a section of your project give full credit.. We're also expecting a lot of collaboration here, so giving full credit gets even more important as I'm sure you'd like to see your name in lights as well for the work you do. ;)


Also due to the nature of development projects, this forum will also contain a lot of not-explicitly-pony work. Please use the non-Pony prefix to help those browsing this forum to filter their searches. If this becomes unmanageable, we may need to rethink this later and rearrange things.


While we would like to have a Prefix for each OS or coding language used, that will rapidly become unmanageable and IP.B doesn't allow multiple prefixes in those cases where more than one would be appropriate. Please use the Topic Tag for that.

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All right, this may be an odd question, as I know that this is mainly for computer/video games, but are board games/role-playing games allowed in this section, or should that go in the "other" category?


"Pony Games" is a broad category, and I wanted to make sure of the exact boundaries of what is accepted.

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