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How I feel about the PonyArcade 1.9 Update

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First of all, I'd really like to apologize if there's something wrong with this topic, whether it be its tone or its category. (I tried to read the rules, but it gave me a Can Not Be Found Error)



Well, mostly, I was sad about it. Not because I'll lose my materials. I can live without those. It's because it means losing my animals. I can live without my diamonds, but not my dog! 


Another thing is that the update will also be getting rid of Seabreeze. (That seaside town warp) Why? There's nothing wrong with Seabreeze...can't it just become another the server? Normally, I wouldn't really care for it. But another player gave me her old house there. She even let go of her old horse, Misty. I really want to save her house, whatever it takes. Even if it costs me my old house. And I feel in love with SeaBreeze as a whole in just two minutes! 



Well, those were my initial thoughts. But now, I'm not sad about it any more. Seabreeze isn't going to be destroyed-it's going to be rebuilt! That's awesome! And I'm sure I can find new wolves. And a new Lucky Jr. (A special bow)


And I'll also get the ability to fix up my house. No joke, it's a block of Acacia wood with a roof. So hopefully it'll be relocated to an oak forest or something other than a plain, so I can gather new varieties of wood to give it color. 

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Honestly Tom, I feel the same way. I have been working hard in the past few months on Chao-Sun (now a minor warp) and really pushing production in the past few weeks (thanks to advice acquired from Town Builder). I sincerely hope there's a way Chao-Sun can be preserved for 1.9; I have major plans for it. If there's no way, I can still preserve the Town Hall. I hope some staff view this. #ChaoSunFor1_9!

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i am going to miss my ores/rewards from the all the past holes ;-;

In all honesty, I'm not going to miss my ores. Yesterday I put all the items that were going to be cleared in a hole. And when it came down to it, I was really a hoarder. I had, like, six stacks of coal, several bows I wasn't ever going to use, a GLASS BOTTLE collection of all things, and at least four stacks of Lapis. 


The blow really softened over time, though. I ended up losing 3/4 of my pets to casualties, and it appears Lucky Jr. despawned when I left the hole alone for too long. 


I'm really looking forward to the new looks of everything. Especially the new look for Seabreeze. Although I do feel bad for Flicker, because he must've spent months, maybe even a couple years on the original. And I can't focus on a big project for five minutes! 

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