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Messy Sky

Lol, drew myself again XD

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It's too bad that I'm so new, I don't know how to post pictures. Can somebody please tell me how! XD

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when you click on the reply box you will have two buttons. Post button and upload files + more reply options. 


when you click the upload files + more reply options button you will come to a slightly different screen.


At the bottom you will see a large paper clip and Attach Files. Click on the Choose Files button and you will be able to choose your picture out of your files. 


Once that happens it will upload it for you. then you will see it above the attach files area. 


click on the add to post button and it should apply the picture to your post. 


then go to the bottom and click on the black button that says Add Reply. 



Hope that helps. :kindness: 

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