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NOTE: This RP is a remake of an old one, and all the spots are reserved for some friends I have been planning this with.


RP: https://mlpforums.com/topic/152460-fantasy-rp/

Welcome, heroes, to the Kingdom of Idalum, ruled by King Fenrir, son of Rokar, son of Maseon. Maseon was the king who initiated the Magic Inquisition, an event which led to the near extinction of magic users, as well as the split between the Humans and magic races, leading to the creation of the Elven forest-realm of Vilum and the Dragonborn territory of Maegon, this split becoming known as the Great Schism. Maseon feared that magic users could oppose his absolute rule, and thus began the Magic Inquisition. This fear has been passed down through the bloodline, and has even led to witch hunts among the citizens of the kingdom, believing the king to be rightfully afraid of the mages, whom were vilified. With the creation of the king's elite Holy Paladins, magic users are a rare breed in Idalum. Most that are known of are mere street magicians with simple parlor tricks, who are under heavy watch by the guards. Known mages are on wanted posters in every city, town, and hamlet. Despite all this, many magic skills, such as alchemy and enchanting, are still very much sought after.

I believe that to be a large enough introduction. Leave the following character information below:

Physical description(or picture):
Magical or otherwise abilities(if any at all):
Companions(if any):
Alternate aliases(if any):

Here are my characters...

Name: Agravain

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical description: A tall, lanky individual with pale skin due to always wearing robes (similar in style to the Thalmor robes from Skyrim). He has short, blue/white hair in a Caesar cut.

Personality: Unfamiliar with many customs, socially awkward due to lack of contact with people, brutal in combat

Skills: Strong enough to wield a two-handed sword in one hand, albeit not with much finesse, extremely quick when using the Meteor spell, extremely tactical, analyzing everything. Has an extremely powerful magical connection, allowing for use of more advanced spells and an ability to use basic spells from several areas of magic. The reverse to this is that if he uses too much magic he will become ill, faint, and possibly die.

Magic: http://fairytail.wikia.com/wiki/Heavenly_Body_Magic
Also can use the Heavenly Body Magic Secret Art: Heaven's Spear, a magical spear made of pure starlight forms in his hand, and he throws it at the speed of light, has 2 forms, scatter or precision. Scatter causes tiny explosions when it lands for dealing with groups, precision creates a fairly large explosion on a single target. Can become more powerful with more magic power. The less magic power he has, the less healthy he is. He can also use simple spells such as telekinesis, kindle (fire), control certain aspects of nature such as plants and animals, and supernatural abilities such as strength, speed, and durability.

Backstory: Agravain has spent the majority of his life on the move, being a powerful mage. He tends to stick to the forests and rarely travels into the city, which has led to him being socially awkward and given him great knowledge of survival. How he came to be with Allendune and Jack was simply by chance, as they shared his motivations and goals.

Weapons/Gear: The Changeblade, a weapon that can change form in exchange for magic power. The forms include a two-handed cleaver, a one-handed double-edged sword, dual chain kunai, and dual daggers.

Companions: Allendune, Jack

Motivation: Seeks to achieve equality for all and disestablish the government.

Aliases: The Wandering Wizard, The Rogue Mage, The Black Sorcerer

Name: Allendune

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical description: Think of an older Garen with gray hair

Personality: A calm, reserved gentleman who is very well-mannered. He is very knowledgeable and kind.

Skills: Extremely strong, capable of lifting a horse without buffs. He is versatile with a polearm and a shield.

Magic: Strength and speed buffs, healing, and enchanting.

Backstory: Allendune was a long time knight and was to become a paladin, though he failed in his training as he was too compassionate to single out magic users and torture them in the dungeons. He became disillusioned from his government and was stripped of his title as a knight, as well as losing his holy magics. He began wandering when he somehow came across Agravain and Jack in his travels.

Weapons/Gear: An enchanted glaive with the ability to freeze any limb that it cuts. It can also freeze over water, allowing for safe passage across. He also has a simple wall shield and what appears to be Roman legionary armor.

Companions: Agravain, Jack

Motivation: Same as Agravain, as well as to restore his honor.

Aliases: The Ex-Paladin, The Fallen Knight

Name: Jack

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Physical description: A man of short to average height with a lanky build, wears a harlequin outfit.

Personality: Truly a jester, he is a comedic street musician with a dangerously sunny disposition. He is rarely serious, but he knows when he needs to be.

Skills: While he doesn't truly exceed at anything, he's good at everything he tries, earning him his name "Jack of all trades."

Magic: Mostly illusory magic, he can create what appears to be duplicates of himself as well as smokescreens, though he can also teleport around the battlefield to cause mass confusion and chaos.

Backstory: Nothing is known about Jack's past as he had his memory wiped, either for some heinous crime or because he knew something he wasn't supposed to. He came across Agravain and Allendune in his travels.

Weapons/Gear: An extending staff that looks like a magician's wand when fully collapsed. He also carries a deck of razor cards and a bag of bombs of varying degrees of explosiveness, from simple cherry bombs and firecrackers to grenades and breaching charges.

Companions: Agravain, Allendune

Motivation: Same as Agravain, as well as to regain his memories.

Aliases: None

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Name: Prince Edward,

Age: 1028

Gender: Identifies M, genderless

Race: Shadow Scepter

Physical description(or picture): An amorphous mass of of shadow bound to a suit of black plate armor. From without there is no indication that he is anything but human, only a close examination would reveal anything out of the ordinary.

Personality: Somewhat brash, but cunning. He was raised to be king before a long series of events negated that plan. He now travels the multiverse on a quest to bring justice where ever he possibly can. He can be unforgiving and brutal towards those who hurt the innocent.

Skills: He is a trained swordsman and rider, and excels at both mounted and dismounted combat. While he prefers the great-sword, he is also proficient at the javelin. 

Magical or otherwise abilities(if any at all): His spectral form gives him unique abilities in dark and mental magics. He is also trained in the use of lightning spells like bound lightning javelin, summon lightning, and lightning sprint, as well as being able to enchant weapons with lightning.

Backstory: Edward was not always a shadow scepter, he was once a human, the prince to a very prosperous kingdom. When a great evil began to take over their lands he stood against it and managed to keep it at bay on a few occasions, though eventually even he fell to its power. The evil cast him out of his world to Equestria, turned him into a shadow scepter and bound him to his armor for opposing him.


After his Discord snapped in a series of events similar to Five Score, he and his horse/companion were scattered across the multiverse along with The Order of the Moon. They now travel the worlds in search of the other members of the order in the hopes that they may eventually return to their Equestria.



Weapons/Gear: He wears full black plate armor as well as a long red cape and red sash as well as a necklace of five golden triangles. He carries a long broadsword which has been enchanted to store and release bursts of electric energy. He also has a quiver capable of containing his special lightning javelins.

Companions(if any): Midnight Star

Alternate aliases(if any): The Black Knight, Sir



Name: Midnight Star


Age: 1017

Gender: M

Race: Giant Mesohippis

Physical description(or picture): Though he has the appearance of a standard horse, there are a few differences. Midnight is fully sentient, with intelligence on par with the typical human. His hooves, rather than being a single appendage are segmented into three equal portions, allowing him to grip both tools and rough terrain. He wears special shoes which can bind the 'fingers' of his hooves together for better traction, these shoes can also be unbound to allow him the free movement of his 'fingers'. Midnight has an all black coat with a large eight pointed white star stretching across the majority of his flanks as well as a four pointed star on his forehead. He has a short white mane and a long, well groomed, white tail, as well as small tufts of what hair on the backs of his forelegs.

Personality: Despite not having any children of his own, Midnight displays many fatherly instincts and tendencies towards those he perceives as under his protection and as such will defend them with extreme ferocity. Midnight is friendly and calculating as opposed to the brash and distrusting nature of his companion. He will wait for the perfect moment to strike rather than charging in to battle blindly.

Skills: Midnight is skilled at navigating all sorts of terrain as well as having an impeccable sense of direction. He is also skilled in manual combat against targets smaller than him.

Magical or otherwise abilities(if any at all): Midnight has the limited ability to manipulate gravity around his hooves, allowing him to make devastating strikes with his hooves as well as carry immense burdens.

Backstory: He was once a regular mesohippus without any extra intelligence, but when he and Sir were sent to Equestria by the great evil, Equestria's magic infused itself within him, giving him full sentience as well as the natural abilities of earth ponies. He helped Sir on his quest to rid the world of evil and injustice.

Weapons/Gear: Midnight has a full set of chain-mail horse armor as well as plate armor for his head and neck. His helmet has been enchanted with night vision and detect life.


Companions(if any): The Black Knight(Sir)

Alternate aliases(if any): The Black Knight, Eclipse.


Can't wait to start this one again!

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Name: Blitz Ryu



Race: Neko

Description: Blitz stands at around 5'9" and has a generally thin build. Picture for general appearance is below.

Personality A good person with a good sense of humor. He tends to be curious of others and is very protective of his friends. He is also very intelligent.

Backstory:To be honest, Blitz has no memory of what his past was like. What he does remember is that he woke up in the middle of a forest with his gear with him and saw a dragon fighting two humans. After beating the two and taking care of whatever wounds the dragon had, the two became quick friends.

Magical abilities or otherwise: Blitz can use electrical based spells along with enhancements, though he tends to keep the former hidden.

Companions: Gale

Alias: Black dragon

Gear: Dual swords, potions, catnip,




Name: Gale


Gender: Female

Race: Dragon

Backstory: Not much is known about Gale, aside from the fact that he was born on an island perpetually surrounded by storms and that she eventually escaped.

Personality:Gale is somewhat isolated from most dragons, and will try to avoid contact when it is necessary. Whenever she does meet someone, she tries to keep any conversation short. Gale can also be very cunning and can easily find a way to outsmart those she doesn't trust. She isn't quick to anger, but can be very stubborn at times as she tends to simply act on instinct. She isn't as territorial as most dragons, and some view her to be quite curious.


Abilities: Can shoot oxygen/acetylene flame in the form of shaped charges and can break the sound barrier

Copanions: Blitz

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Name: Kyubi Yamato


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Race: Dark Elf


Description: Short black hair and red eyes.She normally wears a black tunic and grey pants with boots


Personality: Kyubi relies mostly on logic and doesn't really understand the emotional spectrum or others for that matter. She is also quick to fight and isn't one to give up easily.


Skills: Her strength lies in stealth and her own intellect. The elf is also quick on her feet, but doesn't really rely on brute force.


Magic: Outside of stealth, Kyubi knows a few enchantments that can be placed on her weapons.


Backstory: Seeing as how her parents were killed when he was young and that she was born blind, Kyubi had basically no childhood. It was then decided that the elf would be taken in by the military's top officer, who happened to be her uncle, and trained as a soldier. When she came of age, Kyubi was trained in both archery and the art of stealth from her uncle.The only problem was that she didn't join the military. In fact, Kyubi was accused of killing the man who trained her, and after a short trial, was banished from his home until certain conditions could be met. She then became a assassin for hire, hoping to redeem herself.


Weapons: bow with arrows included and a dagger


Motivations: She'll probably sell it for a quick gold piece (or whatever the currency is)


Alliases: The shadow hunter






Personality: Orion is very reserved around those he doesn't know, but will open up if given enough time. He also tends to be a bit of a flirt at times. Aside from that, he's also a very fast learner and doesn't seem to stay in one place for very long

Backstory: Orion is the brother of Gale, but they went their separate ways some time during their youth. Ever since then, the dragon has been living off the land.

Abilities: Can use lightning as his flame and can use lightning to speed up his flight, along with surviving extreme temperatures.

Appearance: bear_s_skrill_design_by_jadewolfbane-d7p

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Name: Chain Brace

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Athro pony unicorn

Physical description: Has black hair on his head, blue eyes, and Brown skin. He wears steel armor that protects most of his body except his head (He does have the helmet but chooses not to wear it). Under the armor is just a white undershirt and pants

Personality: Has gotten quite greedy from his parents but he still sees friends as more important. Tries to make a mental plan of what he thinks will happen at any given event or area, if the plan fails he tries to think of a new one while he acts on instinct. A slightly advanced magic user from how much he has been studying in his spare time. Doesn't feel like he should be a leader. He jokes around with friends but tries not to go to far.

Skills: A skilled blacksmith and salesman. Knows basics of combat. Has charisma he can use for making deals with others.

Magical or otherwise abilities: Fire magic is something he excels at but he knows slightly other kinds of magic as well.

Backstory: Grew up with a pretty rich family that made sure he knew about the luxurious world they thought he would live in but he didn't as he was in a small town for most of his days. In that town he learned about actual reality and some combat from one of his friends, Banner. They did many things together and became roommates when they grew up. Chain got a business as a blacksmith while Banner became a guard of the town. Recently news of power being needed by there royals was spread and how the royals devised a plan, go to other worlds and bring back powerful items materials to help there nation from attackers. Banner dragged Chain into this to be her partner in the quest.

Weapons/Gear: Full steal armor, Steel sword, steel spear, a book about assorted different types of magic, bag of potions, bag of necessities

Companions(if any): Banner

Name: Banner

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Anthro pony earth

Physical description: Yellow skin and golden hair with green eyes. Her golden hair is messy as she doesn't really do anything with it. Has Full steel armor covering her body except for her head (Same thing as Chain). Has white undershirt beneath it and pants as well.

Personality: Very stern and strong when she has friends they respect her more than like her as a friend. can get very sarcastic with others, and if she is good friends with someone, she will normally mess with them. sometimes go to fast with hitting on others. has a bit of a drinking problem. Hates killing with no point and killing of intelligent life she could have at least tried to help. Defends the helpless and tries to make the world better by destroying the things that would want to destroy the lives of many.

Skills: An expert fighter with almost any kind of weapon. Learns quick and moves fast.

Backstory: Her parents died soon after she was born because of a fire in there house. She was adopted by step parents that made her into the soldier she is. She grew up in a small town and became friends with Chain after protecting him. The became best friends and roommates later in adult life. Banner became a guard in the town. Recently news of power being needed by there royals was spread and how the royals devised a plan, go to other worlds and bring back powerful items materials to help there nation from attackers. Banner dragged Chain into this to be her partner in the quest.

Weapons/Gear: Full Steel armor, Steel long sword, Bag of potions, and bag of necessities.

Companions(if any): Chain

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Name: Shanalott Windbreaker


Age: 20


Gender: Female


Race: Nekomimi (Cat Girl) Vampire


Physical description(or picture): Shana is a short person, only standing at a tiny 4'9" with a large portion of this being taken up by her rather long legs for her size. Her vampiric side makes her skin very pale, her eyes also shift between their natural yellow with slit pupil and a black Sclera, to a dark crimson shade when she intends to preform a vampiric act. Fangs are a natural thing for her race, but being a vampire makes hers slightly longer and much sharper than the average other Nekomimi. Her hair is shoulder length and silver coloured, she tends to keep split so that most of her hair flows down the right side of her head and a small part down the left. Her tail is rather fluffy and long, it is the same shade of colour as her hair. He ears are also fluffy silver, while also being tall and pointed. She also has a proportionally large chest, at roughly 32 inches. Rather large for her size.


Personality: Shana is a rather cheerful individual that rarely ever looses the smile on her face and does often try to brighten up the day for people she likes. She's outgoing and social with almost no regard for boundaries set by people she doesn't really care for, no regard for moral codes and no feelings on ethics. The happy-go-lucky attitude she has almost never goes away under any circumstances. Making her appear as a very cold person despite the positive attitude she tries to emit to everyone.



Neko Nose: A species wide trait, her nose is much more sensitive than a human, allowing her to smell in much greater detail from much further away. This does allow her to smell the unique scents of races, letting her determine the location of any surrounding personnel and their race. Also very good for tracking the nearest piece of food. Her Vampire side also increases her sensitivity to the scent of blood.

Neko Ears: Hypersensitive hearing allows for Shana to listen at much greater detail than a human ear could. Allowing her to hear farther, more detail and a wider range of wave lengths. Making stealth around her very difficult.

Eyes Of A Vampire: On top of her already increased eye sight from being a Neko, Vampiric eyes grant her a natural night vision and make them more sensitive to any colour contrast and motion she may spot.

Master Blade Dancer: Specialising most of her offensive attacks in a mix of swordsmanship and magic, Shana has mastered her own sword technique she calls Blade Dancing. This fighting style works on the principle, "If you don't get hit, you don't need defence." As such he attacks focus more on striking quickly in large arch's. Attack in huge AOE's rather than focus bursting a single target. While her strikes are not powerful per hit, the speed at which she and her blade moves means multiple successive hits will soon start to stack and deal tremendous amount of pain. The "Kill it with bug bites tactic." Alongside the relentless offensive, Shana moves her body in unnatural motions and patterns while fighting, making it seem like she is dancing around her foes with a sword. Hence the Blade Dancer. This motion makes her difficult to track because of the speed and unpredictability of her motions. She does have one defensive ability, in which she creates 5 phantom swords that spin around her in circles. These swords do not attack, instead they just block incoming attacks and are destroyed in the process.


Magical or otherwise abilities(if any at all): Shana can use a variety of magic to aid her in and out of battle.

Status buff: Status based damage is applies to Shana's weapon for a short amount of time. Every swing of her blade will carry an additional effect. These can vary between, Holy, Dark, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Bleed, Magic, Poison and Cursed.

Charm: An ability from her Vampire side. Shana can cast this subtly by making eye contact with anyone. People under the influence of this spell and much more likely to listen to what she says and obey her every command.

Night Blood: While in contact with the moon, Shana's other abilities are increased by a tremendous amount and require less energy and focus to cast or use. Downside is, while in contact with the sunlight, Shana is weaker and has to focus more on casting and using abilities. While in the shade, so no contact from either celestial entity, Shana's powers are not multiplied or reduced.

Undead: Technically undead, Shana does not need to follow some of the laws of the living. She does not need to breath, does not need to eat regular food or drink water. Her heart does also not need to pump and so it lies dead in her body. All of this makes Shana's body naturally cold, but this is countered by her being able to control how hot her body feels to others through some simple sensory illusions. This also means she does not die by regular methods. Fire is her weakness and one of the methods that can kill her. Holy damage is also very fatal to her.

Regeneration: Slowly, Shana will regenerate her wounds when relaxing. Lost limbs will disintegrate and lost blood will evaporate and slowly start to rebuild themselves over the course of what is usually 24 hours. Smaller wounds will be fully healed within minutes and deadly wounds within a few hours.


Back story: Shana does not remember much of her life before she became a Vampire 15 years ago, nor does she really want to remember a time when she wasn't a Vampire. All she remembers from back then is that for some reason, she really hates humans. Since getting bitten and turned at the age of 5 Shana lived a rather tough life, she and her adoptive mother, who was the Vampire who turned her, lived mostly on the move, taking odd jobs to blend in and not arouse suspicion from the Magic inquisition. At age 13, the Vampire that had been caring for Shana vanished without a trace leaving Shana to care for herself. She never did found out what became of her. She became a sell sword, moving from town to town, selling her skills as a travelling companion, which never use to end well when travelling in large groups in a few different ways. Now aged 20, Shana still does roughly the same thing as she has done for 7 years. Travelling, killing and feeding.


Weapons/Gear: Shana's sword is a single edged curved sword, with a reinforced hit and fine sharpened blade. It falls under the category of a Falchion. She wears a Gothic Loli red and black dress, thigh high socks, red boots and a red bow in her hair. (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51Tg3F46czL._SY355_.jpg). Always makes sure to carry at least enough gold for herself to get accommodation and spend on weapon maintenance.


Companions(if any): Non


Motivation: Hates Humans. Wants to take every chance she can get to make their lives miserable.


Alternate aliases(if any): Loli Rose, The Dancer, Kitten


Yes I did some rather major changes to her.

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Just a heads up, I'm gonna be very inactive for a day or two. Internet at my house has been temporarily disabled. And I don't have time to formulate full posts while at College. Give me a few days. Sorry for this.

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