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Which of the mane six has your least favorite episodes?


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Ponker Ponks.

I'm sorry pinkie pie fans but I can't stand her. She was much funnier in the first season of the show because she was just very talkative and excited and oblivious but still in the realm of possibility for a person to be and still be likable enough to have them as a friend, but then she just went full childish hyperactive nonsense and annoying and loud that if my ponysona would be to see her from a distance they would hide at the sight of her coming like some characters do in the actual show. On top of it her lessons are half baked (no pun intended). The lesson normally actually comes from the people around her instead of her changing for better, at least until the very last season kinda where ppl started to put front to her and tell her the truth, that she is not making ppl happy, she is just indulging herself into her idea of happiness.

Second place would be rainbow gotta go fast because she's an a-hole. Pure and simple, every time. Except in the one episode where she had to study for the wondervolts exam, that was relatable.

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I would have to say applejack. I just find her episodes more boring and uninteresting. I actually need to think hard to remember some of her episodes; that's not good. There just aren't too many standout applejack episodes. It's a big reason she's my least favorite in the mane six. She just isn't the most interesting.

I'm actually quite surprised to see that so many people dislike Rainbow Dash episodes. She probably has the second most episodes I love, right behind Fluttershy. Just an interesting observation. I can kinda understand though, her character isn't for everyone. I just happen to really like it.

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Rainbow. Her episodes usually see her making decisions with relatively poor common sense. She’s arrogant and doesn’t think things through, and those traits tend to land her in predicaments that are hard to watch without yelling, “Dash, no!” like a frazzled Twilight. I still like her, and I don’t deny that these episodes set up her character, but she can be frustrating. 

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All the main characters had a few bad episodes, I will say that I think twilight is the most consistent and had overall the better episodes. My answer is either RD(she is arguably my favorite character but she had some stinkers), AJ, PP or spike if he counts. Lets see:

Rainbow Dash:

NCC- I love RDs and AJs interactions a LOT, but the episode felt forced and boring, plus it really did not lead to anywhere, although it had its moments.  MMDW- Actually, I don't mind her ego, although at times it is a bit much, but all the accidents that started happening that were not before really irritates me, I just don't like this trope, the whole become the superhero thing, the girls already saved the town before, this is unnecessary.   28 pranks later- if it was season 1-2 I would not like this episode, but I would have let it slide, but 6 seasons in, and she starts going overboard with pranks out of the blue?  The end in friend- like NCC its not a solo episode but dash is 1 of the 2 main characters so in my opinion it counts as well, and this episode is worse than NCC, here rarity and dash are really childish(at least dash and AJ bickering is entertaining, and they were still friends even when arguing), it was painful to watch. (I actually like rainbow falls and newbe dash and I think 2,4,6 great was alright) Am I missing something? May the best pet win deserves a mention here, as well as daring don't. 

Now lets compare it to her best episodes:  Fall weather friends- I already said I love their relationship.  Sonic rainboom- a classic.  Read it and weep- I was happy to see a new side to dash.  Wonderbolts academy- season 3 best episode IMO.   Rarity investigates- that's how you do a rainbow\rarity episode.  Stranger than fanfiction- best daring do episode, far from perfect but comedy gold. Parental glideance- scoot\dash episode + RD's parents, need I say more?   Secrets and pies- not sure if it counts, but she was at the very least a very important secondary character and the episode was lovely.  The washouts- remarkable episode. 

So, the great - bad episode ratio is: 9-4 with the rest being between mediocre and good.  However, from season 6 on wards, the record is 4-3, compared to the first 5 seasons, 5-1, so her episodes sadly declined over time. Again, I am not counting good, okay, decent or mediocre episodes, just great ones and bad ones.

Pinkie Pie:

Yakity sax- arguably the worst episode in my opinion.  Not asking for trouble- I don't like the yaks, and the fact that I can barely recall what I watched after finished watching it says it all.  The Last Laugh- I am not a big fan of pinkie pride, and this episode was not a worthy successor for that even for me(its not terrible, but pretty bad IMO).  There are a few more episodes I wanted to put here, but they are not bad(IMO) per-say, more like sub-par or mediocre(like party pooped).

On the other hand(hoof):  Party of one- it was the best pinkie pie episode in the series and arguably top 10 episode overall. Pinkie apple pie- not sure if I should count it, but what ever.  Heartbreakers- it was more thanks to her family than pinkie herself.  Rock solid friendship- a rock solid episode.  Secrets and pies- pinkie finally understood how it feels to be pinkied(by dash, it was a masterful trolling performance by dash).  And, I think thats it for me, the rest were from mediocre to good.

The score for pinkie pie is 5-3, I think she is better as a supporting character than the main one. Her episodes in the last couple of seasons were disappointing, out of the 4(I am counting trivial pursuit) episodes she had, 1 was awful, 1 was pretty bad and the other 2 were decent. Unlike dash though, in the first 7 seasons, her episodes(in my likeness) were more random. I think pinkie beats dash in this "contest".

Apple Jack:

Apple Family Reunion- Barely made it to the list, its not really bad, but it is boring.  Applejack's "Day" Off- not so bad, but pretty boring and I felt it might be a bot offensive to AJ.  NCC- already mentioned it.  

Some great episodes: The perfect pear- perfect episode.  Fall weather friends, The Last Roundup, Pinkie Apple Pie, Hearthbreakers, Where the Apple Lies, Sounds of silence. Not sure if "Bats!" count, it is mostly focused on AJ and shy, but the main 6 as a whole were really involved in it.  Thats all I got.

AJ's ratio is 7-3, as far as I can tell. 

So, out of the main 6, pinkie pie "wins" for me, she had much less "favorites" and the same(or in RD's case) just a little less bad episodes. Now, lets see if the unofficial main 7th record:


Spike at your service- along with Yakity sax is the worst episode in the show for me, spike completely OOC and the rest of the episode doesn't make up for it one bit.  Owl's Well That Ends Well- is this supposed to be a pity party?  Dragon Quest- a close call, but I think its bad enough(I did not count secrets of my exces, although I may change my mind, it was a very close call too).  Sweet and Smoky- shy and ember were the saving grace of the episode, and spike behaved maturely but the episode itself doesn't do it for me. Princess spike was a close call too, but I am pertty neutral on it.

Gauntlet of Fire- ember.  Inspiration Manifestation and... I can't think of another one, there were a few that were good, but I wouldn't consider them as favorites. Sparkle seven comes close, but its not a spike episode really. 

So, if we consider spike a main character, he had the most bad episodes(well, he is tied with dash) and the least good ones(all in my opinion), 2-4. At least, since season 4, he was 4-1, a real turn around.

Maybe I will check the other main characters for some surprises.



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Poor Rainbow Dash. A lot of her episodes fall into middle ground. I don't hate them, but I can't say I like them.

If Starlight was included in this then I'd say her. Any episode with her that I like is because of either Sunburst or Trixie. The only episode where I think Starlight herself helps the episode is The Crystalling.

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It's pretty tight between Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash. I've really been dragging through those episodes, and it's the ones I watch on 2x speed as I try to get through all of them :D

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