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Visual Art Angel Anime Drawing


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Yes i just Realised i spell Angel wrong :P

Hey Guys,


So my Nan (Bless her) has been bedridden for about 3 years now, because she has heart problems and back problems, and just got over Cancer a while ago, and i drew a picture for her, so she had somthing to look at while she was in bed.



Posted Image

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Sorry to hear about Nan.

Amazing picture indeed!


*May i ask, what/who is Nan?*



Nan is what English people call Grandmothers






Thank you :)


The picture is beautiful, that's sure to cheer your Nan up. :)

Best wishes to you and your Nan.


Thank you :) <3


This is amazing! you did an awesome job :)


Hope your Nan gets better!


Thanks :D And thank you :3 <3

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