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Howdy everypony!!!


This'll be the place I post all of my personal pony artwork, whether it be random or my own personal OCs. There will be a range of digital and traditional art as well as some plushies every now and then.



My first post shall be this, my first pony plushie! :squee:




I made this little fella as a present for my sister's 16th birthday (May 30). He was completely hand-sewn using my own custom pattern and random fabrics I managed to dig out of my sewing supply cabinet. I wish I could've embroidered his cutie mark and eyes but I'm new to embroidery and the fabric is rather thin. (Oh and he needs a name... any suggestions?)


Here we have a digital drawing of my favorite OC, Dusty.




For whatever reason I feel that colts are easier to draw than fillies therefore I draw Dusty more than any other OC I own. :adorkable: You'll be seeing more of him later on.


Finally we have my avatar image drawn both digitally and on paper.






More art to come! Feel free to comment/critique! Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated! ;)



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The plushie looks really neat! It's especially awesome for the first plush you made.  :proud:


The drawings are cool too. Both of the OC:s have nice designs and I especially like the coloration of Wild Winds.

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