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Favourite song from MLP FIM  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite song

    • This day aria
    • Babs seed
    • You will play your part
    • Spectacle
    • Magic inside
    • What my cutie mark is telling me
    • True true friend
    • Magic inside
    • Smile song
    • May the best pet win
    • The theme song!!!
    • BBBFF
    • Raise this barn
    • Castle a home
    • The failure song
    • Getting popular
    • Other (please specify)
    • Out on my own
    • Pony I wanna be

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This video reflects my top 5 favorites! I found it while searching for mlp music, but my favorite is this day aria. 


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That's a tough one. But if I HAD to choose, I would choose Celestia's Ballad.


No matter how many times I watch the episode, I still get a bit emotional during this song. The combination of the song itself and the visual of the hallway filling with clips from previous episodes helps add to the feeling that this is a culmination of three seasons of pony, and of Twilight's character arc and journey to this moment. Absolutely love it.

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You Will Play Your Part. It is perfect with melody, lyrics, characters, singing voices, plot relevance, emotions, memorability and epicness. Animation might be only one that is not perfect but it fits the song nevertheless.


Other songs in my top 10 in no order:

Becoming Popular


This Day Aria

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me

A True True Friend

Pinkie's Lamentation

Winter-Wrap Up

May the Best Pet Win

Light of Your Cutie Mark


No season 6 song made to top 10 but the Hearth's Warming Tail songs would all be in my top 20.

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I chose The Magic Inside due to the beautiful instrumentals and the wonderful singing voice of Lena Hall. I can't just leave it at that though, so have my favorite songs from each season down below:


Season 1 - Winter Wrap Up

Season 2 - This Day Aria 

Season 3 - A True True Friend

Season 4 - Bats

Season 5 - The Magic Inside

Season 6 1st 1/2 - Tie between Pinkie's Present and Can I do it on my Own (Just for the Harmonies with Dashie and Flutters alone  :squee:  >_>).


And just for fun, from the 3 EQG films:


Equestria Girls - Helping Twilight Win the Crown

Rainbow Rocks - Under Our Spell

Friendship Games -  Acadeca

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My favorite song from MLP would have to be:


- Can I do it on my own?

- Friends are always there for you

- Apples to the core

- Let the Rainbow Remind you

- Ballad of the Crystal Empire

- Say Goodbye to the Holidays

- Seeds of the Past


I really like these songs because they are really catchy and very fun to sing to. :)

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