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Food What's your favorite kind of french fry?

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There aren't too many types of that fries that I know of but everyone normally has a different opinion on which one is better. I personally like waffle fries the best. They have the skin on them, they are a good average between thick and thin and cause they look nice. Tell me which one is your favorite? Spicy fries, spiral fries, plain fries? Any french fry is fine. You can call them chips if your french I will know what you're talking about.

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I like Cajun curly fries. Not necessarily with ketchup, but with hawaiian mango barbeque sauce. It's a nice combo. 


Sweet potato fries with marshmallow sauce is pretty nice too.  :o

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Arby's old Homestyle fries that they used to have back in like the 90s and early to mid 2000s were really good. I miss them. Their waffle fries are fine, but not as good as the homestyle fries.


On the orchestra trip a few years back, the Arby's up in the North didn't even have waffle fries, so I had to go with curly, they were actually pretty good! But I still don't choose them over waffle fries.


Applebee's seasoned are fries are delicious, too. I typically don't like fries to have seasoning, but the kind that Applebee's uses is great.

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I am all about the plain fries. Classic and delicious. Add some ketchup on the side and they are complete. :3

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A bit of a toss up between steak fries and curly fries. With steak fries I like that thick cut which if cooked a certain way can give you a combination of the crisp of most other fries with a bit of the softness of the inside of a baked potato. Curly fries are good because the seasoning gives it a unique flavor.

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I don’t think I have a favorite French Fry. I guess you could say I don’t nor haven’t discriminate what kind of French Fries I’d eat from any store/restaurant/fast food joint.


I love French Fries. Hard for me to hate a particular French Fry :3

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