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Celestial Rise [Orchestral House]

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Very nice. 


I love the filter work here. You started out with everything in a low pass, and very gradually swept everything out as the piece shifted from night to day. 


Great chord work on this piece as well. I would put the vi in certain places. Bonus points for getting in a couple of 7ths and 9ths.


Love the cricket sounds in the begining. I do wish however, they were replaced by soft bird sounds as the sun started to rise in the visual (which I must say, excellent visuals by the way). 


Your piano work was decent. I do wish you used more of the piano, instead of sticking to the middle and treble ranges of the piano. Some extended arpeggios would definitely suit this piece in the latter parts. Better yet, start the piano on the lower part (including bass and contrabass), and slowly make your way up to the mid, treble and high parts of the piano as the piece progresses to sunrise. 


I like your percussion work too. That kick and soft high-hat combination really made this piece stand out. You did not make the percussion the highlight of this piece, but instead focused on the melodic aspect of it, which I must stay, proved to be very effective.


That rotary lead sound could use a tad bit of filtering. It seemed a little sharp on the high end. Also, you could raise it's attack time slightly to smooth it out. That was perhaps my one gripe about this piece.


All in all, excellent piece. It could be tweaked here and there.  

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