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Planning I need a few (about 7) RP Partners

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Well, it's kinda based on my romance :) Forbidden love:) and if you dont mind, it'll get a little sexy at some points. But Im new and I really wanna try roleplay and an experienced partner could really help


Rules: 1. Correct Grammar. 2.Have Fun! :)


If you knew what Shank posts in her RPs you would realize she doesn't mind it getting sexy lol


Wub you Shanky!!!

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Yeah you can. I've been using mine this whole time


I dont know how.


It seems like Schwartz is becoming my MUC (Most Used Character.)

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Can I be a rock? A rock with a face that occasionally talks?


Sounds hilarious but I don't think that will fit into a romance RP.


Now I have an idea for the setting of this RP:


One of the roleplayers will be having a party at their house in Ponyville.He/She invites everypony in Ponyville.Two of these ponies have a grudge against each other for something that happened years back between them but they don't know they're practically made for each other.So ofcourse,while partying they'll bump into each other and you know the rest.

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