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Adventure Red Star (with Boltblood Thundercloud) meets Ruby Scales

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***Posted with permission from jamiboi please make sure too check out his profile at the end of this story please and thank you!***


It had been a long night since Red Star a young alicorn colt had been traveling with Boltblood Thundercloud (his friend that he made when he found him alone when Red was just a baby) Ever since hearing about the danger when Red was raised by wolves, Bolt decided that it was best that Red was taken too the pony village where he would be safe. "That branch way up there?" Red said a he eyed the branch and tried flying up too it on his own, but his little wings couldn't do the trick. So, Bolt had too help him by flying him up and set him down on the end of the branch connected too the tree. "Now, get some sleep, Red. We got a long journey ahead of us tomorrow." Bolt said with a light yawn, but Red just sighed not wanting too care about what he said "But... I don't want too go back too the pony village, I wanna stay in the jungle." Red said as Bolt's ears perked over hearing what he said as he chuckled "Eh? Ha, you wouldn't last one day." Bolt said as he then returned too his slumber. "I'm not afraid though, I can look out for myself." Too be honet though moments away would be a figure that Bolt wouldn't be able too protect him from. A strange but mysterious creature who was half pony and half snake (a lamiapony for those who are curious) had overheard them talking, but put her in a playful mood. Ruby Scales was her name in which her body half was all white and her mane and scales were red like a rose growing in a garden. She looked over at the duo who had climbed into her tree in which first she looked at Bolt in which she recognized right away, but that wasn't her target for her playful mood. Tonight, she had her sights set on the young alicorn, Red. "Sssssay now, what do we have here?" Ruby said as he voice sounded a bit beautiful as Red looked over when he heard her and dropped a twig from which he was messing around with. "Why it's a young little pony." Ruby said again as she examined her "prey" by sticking her forked tounge out tasting him "A delicioussss pony for me too play with" she said again with a chuckle. Red wasn't going too have any of that, so he gently pushed her away with his hooves "Oh go away, and leave me alone." Red said in which this made Bolt starting too awaken from his sleep, which made Ruby freeze in place. "Oh, that's what I should do, but I'm not. Oh, PLEASE go too sleep, Red Star." Bolt mumbled in his sleep as he then returned too his slumber, but in hearing this, Ruby was just about too make Red do the same as he stared into his eyes as hers started too emmit strange, but beautiful colors "Yesssss, Red Star, pleasssse go to ssssleep, pleassse go too sleep..." Ruby began too chant in which Red couldn't help look away from, but upon looking into her eyes, his as well started too emmit the same beautiful colors. Ruby then backed away from the tree trunk making Red do so as well as his hooves were down at his sides "Ssssleep little Red Star, resssst in peaccce..." Ruby chanted again as her long scaly tail came down from behind the tree, and began too coil him up. Red was in a bit of a pickle here, but unless Bolt could wake up, he'd be able too save him. "Deep... sssssleep..." Ruby whispered gently into Red's ear as her tail just about coiled his body up and just about too reach his neck for the final touch. Red tried one last effort too call out "ugh... uh.. Buh.. B-Buh... Bolt... ULP!" he said just before Ruby's tail just about wrapped up his neck and pulled tight preventing him from speaking anymore. Bolt just heard him a little though which caused him too mumble in his sleep again "Oh, now look there's just no use arguing anymore. Now, no more talk 'till morning." he said which made Ruby chuckle as she then spoke out loud "Hehehe, he won't be here in the morning." she said, but only this time Bolt heard slightly opening one eye too get a glimpse, but just said "Huh? Oh, yeah he will be, but uh... RUBY! Wait, Ruby no!" Bolt said as he didn't have a choice, but smacked Ruby across her face just as she was about too have her little playtime with her new toy. In reaction too this Ruby's head smacked over the branch causing her coils too pile back down on the same branch making Red snap out of his hypnotic trance. This made Ruby a bit angry. "Oh dear... my sinuses... Oh Bolt... I'm so sorry, but you've made a bit of a mistake there, my frend. A very percarious mistake." she said as she slithered over too Bolt hoping that he would have an explination "L-look, Ruby, I-I can explain..." Bolt said as Ruby sushed him with one of her hooved "Why don't you look me in the eyes and explain it too me then?" ruby said as her hypnotic spiraling eyes tried too put Bolt in a trance, but he only had one eye open "P-please Ruby... not like this..." he said as he was cut off again "Both eyes if you please, Bolt." she said as her rings started too swirl faster in which making Bolt open his other eyes. He was now hypnotized as well, but stood still with a goofy smile on his face. "You have just made playtime more easier for me now that I have you..." Ruby began too say, but she didn't pay attention as Red used what little strength he had too push over Ruby's coils making her fall too the ground into the pile "Look, Bolt. Hey Bolt! Wake up, Bolt!" he said trying too shake him awake. "Hu-huh, wha-?" he said as Ruby was now starting too slither away "Just you wait, I'll have you back in my coils in no time... oof!" Ruby said too herelf as she was slithering, but she had a knot in her tail "Hehe, look Bolt she has a knot in her tail!" Red said as Ruby mocked him with the exact comment pulling as hard as she can, but as she got loose her coils rolled up up like an accordion which made her slithering difficult. Red was slightly laughing over this, but he stopped as he looked at Red "So, still wanna stay in the jungle, huh?" Bolt said as he nodded "Well, yeah of course I do. Who was that though, Bolt? You seemed like you knew her." Red said as they both sat down "Ruby Scales is her name. She's an old friend of mine that I met during my travels, but I didn't expect that she would be here. Just be careful around her next time, she can get crazy with her hypnosis and use other ponies as her playthings. Trust me, I experienced it alot of times. Let's just try and get some sleep now that she's gone okay?" Bolt said as he returned too his slumber, and Red just cuddled up next too him as Bolt looked at him and smiled.


Boltblood Thundercloud & Ruby Scales © jamiboi

Red Star © Me


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