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Jackie Snack

Searching, content, and topic participation issues

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~~~First off, trying to search for anything on this site is painful and horrid. I could go to the General Discussion and search for 'military', looking for a topic called 'Do you think the military is misunderstood?' and not find it. Supposedly, we have tags to make searching easier, but if that is the case, why are there threads not tagged with 'military' showing up in my search list? Why, when I switch it to title, would it not focus on if that word was in the title? And if my topic is not tagged with 'military', why is it the only topic on the entire site that's not showing up in my search list, like the others?


Also, still on the topic of searching, why on earth would one page go from 2015 - 2012, then start back on 2015 on the next page!? Why would it not simply get all of the 2015 topics out of the way, then 2014 and so on?


~~~The topic participation box. I HATE this box. I never use it, mainly because those old threads I posted in a while ago (and don't touch anymore) that are still active keep showing up for me. I'd rather have a 'followed topic' box there, instead. The only option you guys have for getting rid of it does away with the larger box that is actually helpful.


~~~Content. I never dig into my content unless I HAVE to find a topic (which I never do) because, hoooooo boy, is that a mess. I have hundreds of posts missing from my content because it doesn't seem to update anymore. Using the categories 'last update time/title' and so on don't do jack except mix it up even further. Choosing 'only posts' confuses me greatly, since it shows me a last updated topic that I posted in back in like, 2015.


I'm not a donator and there's a good reason for that.


On the surface, this site works, but when anyone needs to utilize any of the available tools that it offers, the site goes straight down the drain faster than you can say 'That's not good.'

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