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Log 5,203,041. Time and location are irrelevant. This may be one of my last logs, and for good reason. To put it simply, reality is collapsing. Nobody seems to notice though. But I suppose that’s for the better. Things are just disappearing from reality, without a trace. Or at least, that’s how it started. Objects started disappearing, simply things like the occasional bin and park bench. Then larger objects started disappearing. Houses, sections of forests. Ponies…


The only things that don’t seem to be affected are such things that have existed between realities. The other 5 and myself are going to evacuate to a neighbouring universe. This event seems to be contained within our universe, so I guess that limits the casualties. Then again, they technically never existed. I just hope nobody notices. If they do, well.


For anyone who reads this, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

Things seem to be changing around you. Small things, little details that nobody else seems to be noticing. You can’t remember what’s missing, but you can feel that things don’t seem to be right. And there’s one question in your mind.


Why doesn’t anyone else notice?


Before I begin, I’d like to say, sorry for the latin name! I’ve recently fallen in love with the language. If you were wondering, the title means Collapsing Worlds in English.


Right! This is the plan and OOC of a roleplay I’d like to start. I’m still working on it, but sign-up commences now. I’ll be expecting a certain quality of writing in this roleplay, and a fair amount of activity. I’d rather this not die just like the great majority of other roleplays.


For now, the sign-up is open to people from NHF or close friends. If you sign up and do not fall under this, expect to be ignored. Sorry, but it’s so you know to read this properly. Simply state which OC you want to use, an image and perhaps a link.


Once I plan this completely, we’re going to take your OC’s and make a slightly different version if it. Their personality and such will stay the same, but they’re backstory will have to adjust to the time in which this takes place. I hope that this roleplay will be very immersive, set within a fully formed universe. This universe falls within the dimensional system of the After Equestria “universe,” so if you know me you’ll probably understand what that means.




@Ethan Sawyer as Watcher,

@Child Of Darkness as Wade.

Edited by Ethan Sawyer
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