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Meet Forgetmenot

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Hi once more everypony!

I just came back from Middle Equestrian Convention in Warsaw. It was awesome to meet our polish voice actresses for Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna and being asked by Kora Kosicka for an autograph :D.

One of the greatest parts of the convention was drawing with all bronies in my artroom and talk about an oc I would like to show you.

Her name is Forgetmenot, she's Brave Wing's mother and a florist.

People just fell in love with her so much that I ended up drawing 3 fast traditionals during one day, only about her and her son :D


Forgetmenot in her 20's. Brave Wing was not born yet



A working mom. When Brave Wing was born, Forgetmenot got back to her job very fast and her baby son was always assisting her in the glass house and shop


Even when Brave Wing became a grown up stallion with is own job and responsibilities, he is always eager to spend some time with his mom.


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It's interesting to see a family history in motion like this.

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I really like your style! The contrast in these is great, and very crisp. The backstory is nice, too! I love the name Forgetmenot for a florist pony, that's perfect. ^^

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I am very happy for you have seen the voice actors also very good story you have drawn up there

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