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Okay, i just overheard the hasbro investor meeting that just happend about an hour ago. I will give a quick summary of the pony stuff that was happening and talked about.


Not much to say, everything is going fine, Pony declined slightly due to Hasbro transitioning their products, EqG dolls declined but was offset by EqG minis that sold well.

Boulder Studio means a focus on internally produced, high quality animation for Hasbro animated series. Pony movie is coming out in October 2017 (we already knew that).

It was an investor conference call, can't expect much beyond finding out the current financial state of pony and EqG really.


Whatever you have to say, say it down below. :P

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I have to presume that it will take a while to ramp up Boulder's production before anything starts airing. And I guess we can't assume that when they say "Hasbro animated series" they are specifically talking about MLP; it could be that Boulder works on Transformers or GI Joe properties.

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When they say Hasbro animated series with Boulder's production I get a feeling that it might be talking about the rumored Littlest Pet Shop reboot.

With how much Hasbro tried to make it their third big franchise with the 2012 cartoon and how we don't know what the show that this character on the left is from.

But I do feel like her character design fits with that animation studio.


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