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We need a topic to say what we give thanks for on this day, don't you think?


I'm thankful for my family and being able to grow up in the great environment I was. My family may not be perfect, but they do care a great deal for me. They have provided me with my needs and so much more, and still do to this day.


I'm thankful for my dogs - who I consider a part of my family. They bring a smile to me everyday. I wasn't a dog person for the longest time, but now I couldn't be without.


I'm thankful for being alive. Being young does not make us invincible.


I'm thankful for my friends. Some of them have been really great to me.


I'm thankful for my grandparents and their decision to buy me my bassoon. It may just seem like an instrument - an object, but it has been so much more. I wouldn't be a Music Major today without it. I would have just given up on music and I wouldn't have any goals or anything to achieve in my life, I would be aimless.


Lastly, ponies. You have to be thankful for ponies. =P


So what do you all want to give thanks for?

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I'm thankful for... my awareness. I can see and understand things that most others don't care about, or even deny. Not giving any examples, because I don't wanna draw any interest onto a forum I so rightfully left.

I'm thankful for... my family. Even though I'm forced to hide things from them because of their limited views, they still care for me. After reading about parents rejecting their children for the pettiest reasons, and even lock them up and abuse them for no reason at all...

I'm thankful for... my friends. Even though I've never seen the great majority IRL, it still warms me up to know there are sensitive and reasonable folks, when many others think it's all cruelty and cynicism.

I'm thankful for... animal life. Wild or pet, they all have their charm. Dogs are snuggly, cats are interesting, wolves are majestic, sharks are misunderstood, scorpions are badass, dolphins are adorable... I could go on FOREVER!

my dogs

I envy you. Edited by Feather Spiral
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Thankful for...






My little pony Friendship is magic




The ability to do stuff easier in today's time.


and Food!



(The royal canterlot voice FTW!)

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I am thankful for my husband, who supports me no matter what. (Last night he offered to help me draw ponies, even though he doesn't like them himself)

I'm thankful for my family-in-law, who taught me what a family can really be.

I'm thankful for my best friends, who even though they are far away are still there for me when I need them.

I'm thankful for this forum. Even though I don't post very much (I'm certainly no Finest) I am here a lot just reading the wonderful things everypony has to say.

I'm thankful for my kitty Rascal, who loves me even when I just want him to leave me alone. :wub:

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