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Airsoft cosplay

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What are the local laws on airsoft guns, and are they allowed to be used for cosplay at the convention? 

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your safest bet would just be to paint a nerf gun or water gun

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Victor from FillyCon here -


Philadelphia has weapons policies that differ from Pennsylvania laws. It essentially states that you can not possess any type of airsoft gun. (Heck, even water guns are banned on public property!) It also prohibits open carry in public property without permit. Here is the law straight from the City Safety Codes:



§10-810. Weapons and Dangerous Devices. 

(1) Discharging Firearms.[158] No person shall fire or discharge recklessly and without reasonable cause any rifle, gun, pistol, or other firearm.
(2) Water Pistols, Electric Canes, and Miniature Cannon.[159]

(a) No one shall sell or offer for sale water pistols, electric canes, miniature cannon, or similar articles.[160]

(b ) No one shall use water pistols, electric canes, miniature cannon or similar articles in any street or public place.

(3) Spring Guns, Air Guns and Bows and Arrows.[161]

(a) No person shall sell, offer for sale at retail, or use, or possess with intent to use, any air gun, spring gun, or any implement not a firearm which forcefully impels a pellet of any kind.

(b ) No person shall sell, or offer for sale, at retail, any bow and arrow, to any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years unless the seller first obtains written evidence of parental consent to the proposed purchase by the minor.[162]

(4) Switchblade Knives.[163] No person shall sell, offer for sale or carry any knife with a blade which is released by a spring mechanism including knives known as "switchblades."

(5) Incendiary Paper. No person shall manufacture, sell, offer for sale, carry or store any incendiary paper that has been chemically treated to vanish at the touch of a flame, including paper known as "flash paper."[164]

(6) Penalties. Whoever violates any provision of this Section or Section 10-821 shall, in addition to other penalties provided, forfeit the weapon, contraband, or dangerous device giving rise to the violation of such section.[165]

(7) Confiscation. Police officers shall seize and deliver into departmental custody any air gun, air pistol, spring gun, switch blade knife, incendiary paper, contraband weapons, accessories and/or ammunition or other implement which shall be used, discharged, possessed, offered for sale or carried in violation of Section 10-810 or Section 10-821.[166]


Additionally, FillyCon is located in a crowded downtown area in the northeast and people have a perception that only the police should be carrying weapons. Having any type of item closely resembling a weapon could get you improperly arrested/charged with disturbing the peace or creating a public nuisance - this happened to a few cosplayers at Philly's Wizard World Comic-Con.


So no, you may not use airsoft guns as your cosplay at FillyCon. It's illegal to have one in the first place. Keep in mind that FillyCon is a family-friendly event and we want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible.


Hope that answers your question!

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