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A New Doctor Whooves Audio Drama

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We have a YouTube channel called Equine Productions that features the collaborative talents of many individuals to produce a program called Doctor Whooves:  The Next Regeneration (DWTNR).


The Doctor is a blend of the characteristics of the 9th and the 12th doctors from Doctor Who and his companion is similar to Clara from that series.  These two time travelers will have the opportunity to meet up with the mane 6 and others from time to time in this series.


We are excited to share with you our latest episode called DWTNR - Bloody Misaki.  The following is a brief synopsis  of this episode:


Desperate for a break from their non-stop adventuring, Clover convinces a reluctant Doctor to take her to the Ponyville Spa. But where the Doctor goes, trouble and adventure are sure to follow - and sometimes, too, old enemies with new faces.

Clover's spa day is cut short when she and the Doctor are compelled to investigate a case that has the Star Centuries baffled. But the stakes run to an all-time high when the Doctor's plans to capture the culprit backfire and Clover is taken hostage.


The link to this episode is found below:


We look forward to your comments.




Sachi Shina and MajiO









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