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Free BronyCAN ticket and free money! (In other words, HELP!)

Manic Sculptor

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Hi folks! I have a vendor ticket for BronyCAN, and a big box of my handmade art to sell there, but due to processing delays in my visa it seems I won't be able to make it across the pond to attend, which is a real blow.


So, if you're:

1. Trustworthy

2. Over 18

3. Have Paypal

4. Would like to attend BronyCAN but don't yet have a ticket, and

5. Live in Canada, the US or the UK


Then I'll happily transfer my ticket to your name, post you my art and display materials before the con, give you everything needed to run a stall, and give you 25% of anything you sell, and I'd only ask that you run the stall on the Saturday, leaving you free to enjoy the con on the Sunday. I've already cleared this option with Waffles at BronyCAN. Would be great if you've been a vendor before at a con, or have experience with it, but no worries if not - I'll be available online for the duration of the con to advise, provide info, encourangement, etc! If you're interested, please do get in touch asap - would all need to be in place by Sunday for posting the stuff over on the Monday morning. Looking forward to hearing from you!



(Mods - please let me know if this goes against the rules - I don;t think it counts as advertising, more a desperate plea for help! )

Situation resolved, thanks to the awesome BronyCAN staff! Once I've figured out ow to edit/delete posts I'll remove the OP, but thanks for reading anyway!

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