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Ok, so this is just a place that I would like to just chat about stuff with people well I'm trying to learn how to make my own video games. I will be on this topic anytime I am at my computer learning the program. so drop by anytime even if I'm not on.


I am willing to talk about almost anything, so that is why I don't really have a topic title so here is a list of suggestions.


Last video game you played-

Favorite video game-

New Games coming out-

New song you like-

Favorite song-

New movies-

Favorite movies-

Art you like-

Art you have done-

Anime you are/have watched-

Favorite Anime-


And of course 

Anything Pony Related 






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While we generally allow duplicates of most threads, we don't sllow duplicates of mega threads. There is actually already a mega thread in existance regarding the same topic here:

With that being said, this particular thread has been locked.

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