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Trying out a Flat Design Pony Style [Aug 2016; Feedback Appreciated]

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Before I begin, please feel free to post your thoughts, recommendations, whatever below once you've read through the page. If all goes well, I may also explain my method of drawing.


Given that it's been 3 1/2 years since my last art thread and that there are probably a lot of mixed preconceptions on the favourability of flat design, I say screw it and post anyway. Here's a few samples.



Why flat design? I've found my previous art style was very hard to maintain and even simple pony poses would take a long time to draw, and plus, it's gone stale, so I gave up on a show-accurate style and searched for a minimal style, and flat design was within the set of minimal styles. Yes, part of the inspiration came from Kurzgesagt.





With that in mind, my style's not perfect. Throughout the seven years I've been self-teaching myself this, I've never been able to handle colour casts properly; the hard part for me is to make background objects use as few different colours (not including shades of the same colour) as possible.


As a note, my newer images are no wider than 1366 pixels, so as to fit on most monitors. I know not everyone has 1080p screens (1920×1080 pixels), given that 1366×768 is the average minimum screen size these days.




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