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Hi there, everyone. :) Is anyone else here a fan of this 90s cult classic? I wasn't even born yet when the show premiered, but my dad was a fan from the beginning and his enthusiasm for The X Files has rubbed off on me. :D


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Yes! I actually re-watched the first 2 seasons this past spring, and I should try to watch them all again at some point.  :D






Though the theme itself has become somewhat of a meme. 

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I think i watched it as a kid, but dont remember anymore.


I recently watched the first few Episodes of Season 1 and was actually dissapointed.

Its mostly just, that they try to find evidence, but get cut off and...i dont know.

The only thing i thought about was : " I could watch this, but i also could watch Torchwood and actually see some Aliens..."

And then i stopped watching.


I liked the Episode with the Monster ( even though it was still mostly a Human ), but...i dont know, i liked one Episode of it, but...i think i would like it way more, if it would actually feature some real monsters or something.

It didnt hold up to my expectations.

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It was Ok but I got bored of it fast.  I only have it on as background or else I just get bored of it.  Agent Doget was kind of silly as well, did not like him much but I found it funny how often he got knocked out.

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