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Viva Las Vegas!

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Hello everypony!

It's been a while since I uploaded some of my scrap here and this time it will be something big :)

Some time ago I've been requested by Bronies of Las Vegas group to make a picture for them with their OC on in the LV panoramy.

My goal was to make it as magical as possible and I must say that the final effect exceeded my expectations.


Enjoy ;)


Warning! Absurd resolution 8000x2500



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Thanks :)

Because I'm still in the Las Vegas mood because of this commission, I'm already making another art with Trixie and Starling in front of the Luxor Casino & Hotel.

Say what you want but Trixie + Vegas = instant win.



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Dayumn, that looks amazing! I love the colors and the detail on the background, it captures the Las Vegas magic perfectly~


Also, Trixie and Starlight in Vegas? Yes please :derp:

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Both of these pictures have such an exciting atmosphere and I love it! The one with Starlight and Trixie is the new best thing. 

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