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My Wonderbolt submissions

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I have now made a couple of other ponies as Wonderbolts.

Of course I would like more images in the form make.

if you oc's considered Wonderbolts want like the only rule I do not alicorns.

I'm going to see you so here are some pictures Rein items you can order exactly what I mean.

I got on deviantart already a lot of good criticism.

So I just hope that it you also like.


Of course it is also possible to donate whom you like it but as I said there is no obligation or something like that




For more pictures of me coming on my deviantart profile

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Nobody Leaves a comment that makes me sad ;(

don't be, it's your work. you should be all hype about. just make sure people notice you (;

I really like Apple Bloom there, like she going to explode)) maybe even start kicking apple trees with extra power from Wonderbolt costume)

i like the look, but don't quite understand why an earth pony or unicorn needs flying costume? what for? ... but sure does look great anyway.

about donate, if you want people to help you -expand your range, give them more.. like other costumes, or unique details that would makes them special. everypony wants to be special.. and if not for everyone, then at least for someone.

or maybe you should step aside a little from original show drawing, add some details of your own style. Good Luck!

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Great work on these!  They look fantastic!

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I really like these, it's always nice to see the characters wearing different outfits. My favorite is the Spike one! So cute!

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