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My top 5 favorite pony youtuber

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This is a list with fan art of my top 5 favorite pony youtubers 

1. Dispite the current situation, my number 1 pony youtuber is ILoveKimPossibleAlot

I hope that like her favorite pony character, Discord, she gets a change at redemption  post-38538-0-61788100-1473267631_thumb.jpg

2. My second favorite pony youtuber is DRWolf001 post-38538-0-42607900-1473267732_thumb.png

3.My 3rd favorite pony youtuber is Lightning Bliss post-38538-0-66467400-1473267809_thumb.jpg

4. My 4th favorite pony youtuber is NerfStrangerX post-38538-0-08571000-1473268061_thumb.jpg

5. my 5th favorite pony youtuber is MLP-Silver-Quill post-38538-0-40013800-1473268227_thumb.jpg

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KP is cool, apart from her I tend to stay away from analysis channels. I'm a frequent viewer of comedy stuffs, especially DawnSomewhere, and agrol. Also, I seem to be watching a lot of gmod stuff from Breezy (kuledud3) and Bing.

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My favorite pony You-tubers are RarityDash and Bree /Kuledud3/


DRWolf is cool too.

Kuledud3 is brony?  :blink: i watched him in 2012 or so and dont remember that :D haha time to visit him again

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LittleshyFiM is awesome. :) So are Silver Quill, Ashley H, Vannamelon, Shmed1, Tootsie4ever, Tridashie, DRWolf001, MLP Forums' own Aurelleah... the list goes on!

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