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Battle pony tabletop game



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Welcome to Battle pony Tabletop Game.

This game is inspired by dungeons and Dragons



Each player spawns In one of 4 Parts of the Map when starting Depending on the Chosen Race.


Earth Ponies start at 2:E

Unicorns start at  4:E

Pegasi start at 5:D

Mermane start at 2:I


Map below



Race stats


Earth pony

Hp 20

damage 5

+2 Damage when on land



Hp 15

damage 4

Movement speed 2 Squares per a turn instead of one



Hp 15

damage 3

Attack range is 4 squares instead of 3.



Hp 20

damage 5

+2 Damage when in water or on a shore Square.


After every player has a turn that means its been one round.

The first 5 Rounds are peaceful rounds so you can prepare to get started.

Turn Roster







when it is your turn you have the following options.



With Movement you start with your current position example 2:E then you your new position 2:F for example.

It should look something like this   2:E ---> 2:F

Note you can move any direction but you can only move 1 square per turn unless your a pegasi then you can move 2 Squares per a turn.

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reminds me a lot more of battleship... sounds cool tho, i choose pegasi 1v1 me tomorrow

but first.. what are the actual movement rules? how do you defeat others and stuff?


If your a Pegasi you would start on 5:E if you were to move somewhere for that turn you would do your current position then the position you go So you would reply to the previous person who goes with 5:E --->7:E to which is 2 Squares per a turn in any direction but for other races moving is the same but its one Square per turn.

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and of moving on a 45 and overpowering the enemy? is it just like.. whoever is most powerful wins?


Well one someone attacks I will roll a dice and if it lands on 1 2 4 or 5 it will do normal damage but if its a 3 or a 6 It will be a critical hit which is double whatever damage your specific race does.


Say player a attacks player b

The Pony Master Aka the Dungeon Master quotes there comment with a reply saying how much damage it did depending on the Dice roll.


For Example player a attacks player b


Pony master: Rolls a 3 and player b loses 8 Hp.

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