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Rivals of the Crystal Ponies (The Umbrum)

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Possibly the earliest known race of pony, the Umbrum (the race that King Sombra belonged to) were of once a prosperous yet aggressive race that inhabited the tundra along side there proclaimed enemies known as the Crystal Ponies. Though they may not look like it on the outside, they were made out of red crystal to which they believed crafting this element from there deceased loved ones into useful tools or weapons would be the most honorable thing for those who have passed on. The Umbrum had a society that was so obsessed with perfection that as much as something like incompetence could result in a rather fatal penalty and that any other way of life was considered corruption. This of coarse being one of the leading motivations for them to despise there neighbors enough to result in a great war. After a century of battle they fought themselves to extinction.
The commoners were pretty much the lowest rank within the Umbrum's empire. Though they did live further into the tundra than that of there rivals, they didn't require much in attire due to how they can naturally endure the cold better than any other race in Equestria. The common clothes were nothing more than simple robes for there mares, and togas for there stallions. For wives, to show they they were married they would have a specific order of colorful stones worn across there cheeks as the husbands would wear a ring around there horn. Some women in rare cases could be born with wings, but even then there wings were only useful in gliding rather than actually flying like pegasi.
I would like to thank Mr. Siansaar for inspiration on putting this picture together. I might even be able to do more with my ideas for the Umbrum and there ways of life. :)

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According to comic #36, though, the whole pixie thing was just an act; they actually looked like Hollows from Bleach or something.

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