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Ask evilshy - because everybody else is doing one.


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@rainbow: pretty awesome. So much freedom when you don't have to worry about morality or ethics :)


@authetius: hell yeah. I've always liked it when the bad guys win. (my actual opinion, not in character of evilshy)


@apple bloom: evil twin sister


@tyger and nurachu: it's so much more interesting and fun. 


@pinkazoid: execute celestia, Luna, and the mane 6 so they can't usurp me. 

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Would you happen to be interested in an RP that could go either way (good or evil winning)? Me and a friend have been putting one together for our school's team of programming nerds and I'm looking for those interested and for help when we get it running.

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@never: because it seemed like it might be fun


@blazingdawn: 3 spiders. Not many ponies like them, but i do (I like spiders IRL as well :))


@authetius: sure, sounds like fun. I'm always up for meeting fellow programmer nerds :)

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@never: free shit


@slendermane: probably more sociopathic. I don't go crazy and kill ponies, I'm an evil genius with a tendency for random acts of asshole-ish-ness.

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I'll answer the shorter questions first.


Yes, slendy, make an ask thread.


Torture device? Probably a cage of some sort that has a rack inside it. Basically, some sort of habitat for spiders, snakes, what have you, that I could strap a pony inside and watch them squirm in terror as some horrid creature crawls all over them. But I already have a few of those. There's a reason pinkie pie stopped doing the cupcake thing. You don't wanna know what happened when MY number came up ;)




And now you want my cutie mark story? Well, im warning you, it's not very nice. But you look like you can handle it.


It started back when my sister and I were still living in cloudsdale. I'm sure you know how she got her, her and her friends are so happy about their whole "magically connected" thing. Pft, fluttershy couldn't even earn her own cutie mark.


Anyway, our parents were pretty freaked out after fluttershy fell off of cloudsdale and decided that both of us would be safer living on the ground. So I got dragged down there and had to live with fluttershy. At first it was great, just menand that pushover, no parents, it didn't take long for me to take over, despite being the younger, "worse" twin. But fluttershy is so damn nice, teasing her got old pretty quick. And I may be a complete ass, but family is family, and I wouldn't do anything to her more than teasing and the occasional prank.


Got off on a tangent there. Back to my story.

So one day, we were at recess. Like usual, I stayed alone, trying to find spiders and snakes. The all liked me, and they even tried to talk to me sometimes. They were certainly better company than any pony I knew. I had a favorite spider called Spinner, she was my first pet, I guess you could say. She always waited in the corner of the same bench everyday. I made sure to get to that bench first, but I didn't always make it.

One day, after I had to stay behind and talk with Cherilee for a few minutes after I hid a snake in someponies lunch, I went out to find a few other fillies had sat down at my bench. Whenever this happened, Spinner would just hide and wait for me, so I wasn't worried. But as I was walking up, one of the fillies screamed. She had seen spinner, and then started trying to smash her with her hoof. I ran up, but it was too late. Spinner was dead. I almost cried right there, but instead channeled all of my feelings into revenge.


I spent the next few days faking sick, while I gathered my forces. All the spiders I could find joined me, and carefully laid out my plans. I sent out one of my snake friends, the smartest, Belinda, to spy on the filly and find out her and her parents schedule. I found out that on Thursday's, she was home alone for a few hours after school, so the next Thursday, I secretly followed her home. While she was making herself a snack, I released my

Spiders into her room. Hundreds of them. They all hid under her bed and waited until that night. I made sure I snuck back to her house at midnight to see what would happen.


It was glorious. At exactly midnight, the spiders began to crawl up the walls around her, and some onto her. She woke up and was paralyzed with fear. As soon as she regained enough coherence to start screaming, the sliders all hid in different places. Her parents never saw them and thought she had a nightmare. My spiders and I did this every few days for the next week or so, by which point this filly had been nearly driven insane. She started being afraid to sleep so the spiders couldn't sneak up on her. She tore her room apart, trying to find them, but they managed to stay hidden. Eventually, she had to sleep, and when she collapsed wih exhaustion, the last part of the plan went into effect. I released a single spider into the room, Arachne, spinners little sister. She bit the filly on the neck and then spelled out "a life for a life" over the body. The filly died in her sleep. I watched her, and when she stopped breathing, it felt so good. The rush of plan for vengeance working perfectly. Nobody ever found out it was me. I got my cutie mark that night. Not sure when, since I didn't notice it till i got home, but I think it was when Arachne came back when she was done. Spinner was an amazing spider, but Arachne will always be my favorite.



Wow, I spoke for a long time there. Next question?

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Most of my income is from assassinations and hired hits and things like that. Ive lost count of how many ponies ive killed, but i'd say at least 50. Not a whole lot of need for a mercenary in Equestria, but as such I can charge whatever I want, and pretty much all the business comes to me. I run a pest control business during the day so at least some of my income can be explained, and it let's me find more critters to befriend.


I'm not the literal opposite of fluttershy, I'm her twin sister. We are opposite in most ways.


I don't like my family much, and I don't see much of them, since i live in Manehattan. There's more work there, and there are a lot more places to hide if I need to.

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