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NNSpace or Neon Space is a game i developed in a week so far, it's a retro style arcade game that consists in surviving as long as possible in upcoming waves of always harder waves, since the game is currently in development so there is nothing much to see but it's going to get bigger
(i am NOT an artist so please don't commentate on the art style and such)


dowload at:



upcoming features:
-enemies with smart AI (chase player)
-small motherships (float around with small turrets)
-big motherships (small bosses with multiple turrets and rocket turrets)
-huge motherships (bosses that spawn every 30 waves and get stronger with multiple turrets rockets and spawn smaller spacecrafts, give an extra life if u defeat em)
-scoreboard (scoreboard of current top scores)
-more kind of meteors
-more stuff that you guys can suggest


as of version 0.6.2
-rockets are now slightly slower and easier to hit


as of version 0.6.1
-rockets now destroy also meteors


as of version 0.6
-added rocket turrets


as of version 0.5.1
-added a turret on the space station (with player aim)


as of version 0.5
-space station


as of version 0.4.1
-solved small respawn bug

-time counter


as of version 0.4
-small enemy spaceships with no smart AI (don't chase player)
-wave counter


as of version 0.3
-red big meteors


as of version 0.2
-blue splitter meteorices
-light blue splitted meteorites


as of version 0.1
-green normal meteories


(original game maker forum page)

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