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Music Opinion on Twenty One Pilots?

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While many people are diehard TOP fans, others hate the group. What do you think about the band?


My opinion:



When I first saw photos of the band, I was put off by the weird symbolism of the face/body paint and the ski masks.






I still think it's weird, but now I know that they have reasons for wearing them.


While I'm not a superfan, I like many of their songs from their new Blurryface album.




I recommend listening to Ride and Polarize if you aren't familiar with the band, simply because they are my favorites.

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When I first heard some songs by TOP, I thought they weren't too bad. But then I got a summer job at a beach where the radio was on all day long. So I had to listen to TOP almost every single day... and needless to say I got annoyed pretty quick :P. If I hear "Stressed Out" even one more time, I'm gonna get super stressed out... :lol:

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