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LoE tear count!

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Face it, Sci-Twi's song has been the cheery on top of Ingram's legacy. IMO he hit every note from start to finish and dont ANY of you dare to compare it to ANY of Disney Princess songs.




Lets get some  :( for every pony who cried at this scene in the film...and if you  havent seen the film yet, what is wrong with you! Get the internet nerd!... :-o Yes that means you Twilight!!!

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You want to track how many people cried during the song?


I have to hide my tears every time I feel like crying for,,, personal reasons. However, during those real touching. emotional, spiritual, Friendship-is-Magic, I did feel a familiar coldness fall upon me - sorta a wave through my body, a wave of suppressed tears... Consider that a time I'd cry.


Cry Count: 2

(assuming you did)

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