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Nice to meet you all!

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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack

How did you find MLP Forums?: Link surfing.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I had a bad case of stomach flu and I was sitting in the lobby just waiting to be attended. A television was the only thing keeping me distracted from my pain and My Little Pony was playing on the channel then known as the HUB. Since then I've had a fondness for the show and consider it a good time killer.

I' very weary of revealing anything personal, I don't want to be recognized because being caught as a Brony would be hugely humiliating. I'm not quite fond of the word "Brony" either. However, here I hope I can express my interest in the show without the stigma that unfortunately follows this fandom. But I'm confident that you all are nice people and I can make friends here. Thanks for letting me through the door! I just hope you allow me to stay a while.


Some of my greater interests involve Video Games, Fishing, Hunting, Reading, Politics, Guns, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. I also have interest in history- especially military history. Pickelhaube's and M1 helmets ftw.


I'm male and I am sixteen. Please don't ask for more.


Another thing is that I'm curious about the role plays. I've never role played within the MLP universe, but I do have some experience through other sites and fandoms. I'd greatly appreciate help getting to know the role play here. Thanks in advance!

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Wow. I go to leave to another thread and by the time the page refreshes I've got notifications saying people have responded to my post. This is a very active community! I guess coming here was a good idea.

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Welcome to the forums! This might be a little late though. I can tell that you and I could be good friends(if you want that is) since both of us think it'd be embarrassing to have someone know that you watch MLP.

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Hello Oh My Days, nice to meet you. Welcome to forums. I hope you get use to our community as soon as possible and i am sure that you ll meet lots of ponies there. If you wish to ask or talk about anything, i ll be around. See ya..  :)

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