General Questions PG-13 vs Grimdark (Restrictions and community culture)

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Disclaimer: This is probably not a simple question that can be quickly and safely answered with a single sentence typed by someone who didn't read the whole thing.



Short question 1: What grimdark and gore elements are allowed with relation to "PG-13"?

I did a search for a question regarding "grimdark" and the last/only topic I saw was from April of 2015. The only answer I saw was that grimdark wasn't allowed because it typically involves gore.


I am aware that the site is PG-13, but "gore" is not allowed. Unfortunately, the rating and the restriction of gore is too vague. (I'm a "Rules as Written" pony and to me "no gore" can mean a paper cut on Fluttershy or implied gore that isn't shown: I take that means all fanart of Lilpip isn't allowed simply because Fallout Equestria is grimdark and has gore in it so not even references are allowed).


Not just for gore, but grimdark also encompasses dark humor, tragic endings, general or implied violence, horror movie references, domestic abuse, sexual innuendos, and drug/alcohol references. 

Reason for the question is because all of those named elements exist in PG-13 rated games, television shows, and movies. (If it's allowed, I'll be sure to post some kind of warning at the top alongside a 'Wait for Approval' post option.)



Short question 2: Does the MLP Forums community even have bronies interested in said content?

Even if something is allowed, it would be wasteful if the community itself frowns upon it or dislikes it. 



Question 3: I have a running comic series that seems relatively popular, which is growing into an "Ask Me". I was going to share it in MLP Forums, but I need confirmation from an admin due to the grey area it reaches. Could somepony help me with that? And if 1 admin approves but another admin comes along and disapproves, am I going to get in trouble?

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Huh. Not entirely sure why this has gone unanswered. Okay, I'll do the best I can.


1) No gore basically means no flying bloody bits and the like. No Sam Raimi-type fics, for instance. Injuries, illness, even death are fine but it's more about the level of description. If you really put your mind to it you could describe a simple bruise as the most horrific thing ever with extreme detail and focus. That's the kind of thing not allowed. Also using the 'wait for approval' flag on posting anything that you think might be questionable is a good option. (as long as it's in good faith, and you're not using that function just to be mean-spirited.)


2) There's very likely many here that would appreciate that kind of content. But there's also a many here that have absolutely no interest whatsoever. That's what happens when you have a large user-base like this forum. :)


3) Send a PM to myself or any of the admins for that. I'll be honest, it won't likely be approved because of the 'Advertising' rule, not because of the 'NSFW' rule, but you won't get into trouble for asking. :)


And the answer for the second post: Suicide is definitely a no-no. Depression runs rampant in all fandoms due to their nature, and Bronies are not an exception to this. Anything that could encourage suicide shouldn't be tossed around casually.

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