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Which Princess is the most attractive?



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  1. 1. Who is prettiest Princess?

    • Celestia
    • Luna
    • Cadance
    • Twilight

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Luna definitely has the best color scheme of the 4, I cannot deny that. However, for most attractive I have to go with my favorite princess, Twilight Sparkle. I am a bit biased, yes, but I still cannot NOT choose her. She is just sooooo cute. :3 Cute and attractive can pretty much be the same thing with her.

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None are more so alluring than that of the soft beauty that rises in the night,

The coolness that blankets and banishes all fear,

What whispers gentle tidings and watches over the sleepless few,

Always there, yet always out of reach,

Her soothing presence leaving only a ghost of her grace,

Like shadows in the night, cursed to never meet,

Her comforting gaze from the darkest corner of the moon sets me at ease,

She is my Princess.

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Cadance is probably the hottest. She seems like she'd be kinda attractive in the same way that pin up girls are, if that makes sense. (the 40's ones).

But speaking of more than physical attraction, overall I think Twilight takes the cake. She's funny, she's caring (usually), she's intelligent. Not to say the other princesses aren't either. But I find Twilight more attractive, she resonates with me the most.


Since the poll was 'who is the prettiest' by technicality I have to vote Cadance.

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Oh, well. At least Cadance proves this poll not to be another popularity contest. I'm still surprised that the two alicorns with the most questionable anatomy lie ahead. Their front is so massive compared to their rear, in surprised they haven't any problems with balance.

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Luna has this intense aura about her that's so unbelievably alluring, so she gets my vote! The majestic and mysterious, yet lovably awkward princess of the night~ :LunaMCM:

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On 11/8/2016 at 8:48 PM, Sonic5421 said:


Easy, man. We both love Celestia, but as long as my heart burns with the Fire of Friendship, I'll tear Chrysalis, or anyone who dares kidnap her alongside the rest of the Princesses to ribbons in retribution for their cruelty and wicked acts against the Royal Family of Equestria.


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The only acceptable answer is LUNA!


Tho if I am being fair; Princess Skystar is very cute!

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