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How did you find MLP Forums?: I foun MLP Forums from google.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I don't want to say...

Hi... Ummm... I'm Speed Ball and I'm a pegasus, there's a se- reason why I'm here. I don't want to scare anypony but... I can't say it, I'll tell yawl later...

I don't have a favorite, but it's a bit of a mix

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Welcome, Ball. You will surely find all types of ponies here, so I doubt you will have trouble getting comfortable. You'll find many things to do here, weather it be discussing the series, playing games with other members, reading fan generated content, etc... My personal favorite has to be the radio section called Ponyville Live within the Ponyverse. I wish you a pleasant stay.

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Hello Speed Ball, nice to meet you. Welcome to forums. I hope you get use to our community as soon as possible and i am sure that you ll meet lots of ponies there. If you wish to ask or talk about anything, i ll be around. See ya..   :)

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Greetings, newcommer! =D

:kindness:  :sunny: I would tell, but it has to be... ______...

I'm more of the less interactive type... Sorry...

I might understand what would you mean...   :huh:
Buuuuut I'd rather wait for your official answer, than start building crazy conspirasy theories right away. That'd impolite  :lol: 

What are your interests, comrade? If you feel comfortable enough to tell 'em, of course =)


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