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How much of a Brony are you?

Lyra Heartstrings1

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Medium level, watched all episodes (except for 1 I missed accidentally) once. Planning to rerun some day, while bronifying someone though!

Oh and they're on my mind so often, it's even getting on the way of school.

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I'm trying to transcend casual brony into a more hardcore one. I have and idea to use for writing a fanfic, but I'm not totally great at writing stories. I've watched the episodes multiple times, trying to download all of them, most of the music I listen to is ponified. Got the 20% cooler shirt, but going to get 2 more. My parents and brother know I'm a brony, but my dad and brother think I'm wasting my time. Most of my friends know I'm a brony because I'm trying to convert them.


Note: When I started watching MLP, I thought my stress has decreased and my grade improved even more than before. :huh:

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Not much of one. I've watched Party of One and all of the Season 2 episodes twice (once on The Hub's website). The rest of them (and today's episode, since it doesn't come on The Hub's website for several days after airing) I've seen once.


I own no merchandise, but there was a Pinkie Pie ornament I saw on these forums a while ago and I would buy that.

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Meh, I could tell my mum and my dad. But I'm afriad.


Ah. that sucks. I only told my dad cause when I was gone I left an MLP tab on the screen and he asked what I was looking at... so yeah.
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Hmm where am i going to start...


Watched almost every episode more then once. Using MLP related things all over the internet. (HoN,Skype and other forums etc)

Using a ponyfied desktop and Iphone.

Also painted a Fluttershy cutie mark on my left chin during my birthday party.( though no1 did know what it was anyway)


Other than that, i'm quite quiet about my fandom outside of the internet. As Ouker said. It has got in way of many things in my life.(Particularly taking over everything else. ^^)

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I motion that I am the most hardcore fan in all of MLP Forums!

If you'd look up hardcore in the dictionary there would be a picture of me!

Actually... I think the word hardcore is played out. I think I deserve better!

I motion that we declare me the most Stupendous Pony fan!

No I declare myself Wonderific!


Breath Taking!



...What about Superultraextremeawesomazing...

All in favor of declaring me the most Superawesomeextra... what ever you said, Pony fan in all of MLP Forums say I!


Haha I'm not really that self centered (or am I?) And I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan since the only Pony merch I own is 1 shirt! :P


I've just wanted to make that reference all day and couldn't contain it any longer!

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