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1. Monster spawners keep resetting to the original mob several minutes after changing it with a spawn egg.


2. Not sure if this was intentional, but changelings lose their disguise when they hit any entity, even items in frames.

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This is feedback concerning a change with flying classes.


With the new update, flying classes lose their immunity to fall damage if they run out of food while flying. This can very easily cause them to plummet suddenly to their deaths. This did not happen in previous iterations. 


I don't find this particularly compelling as a mechanic. Having a drawback to a power is not a bad thing, but the implementation is important. The suddenness of these falls make these death-dives extraordinarily frustrating. The deaths feel cheap and unwarranted. the activities affected tend to be building tall buildings and flying over large stretches of terrain, both tasks in which the player's attention is naturally drawn to other things. Randomly dying because you were decorating the outside of your tower and didn't notice your food bar is very frustrating. 


In basic minecraft not paying attention to the food bar will at worst cause you to very slowly take damage, and it will indicate that this is going on long before it poses a serious danger. It also stops your health from regenerating, but this, too is not something that is instantly and rapidly threatening. Point is, the food mechanic in minecraft is meant to be a long-term resource management chore. Outside of the very start of the game before you get established, the only time food in minecraft is supposed to kill you is if you neglect it repeatedly over a long period of play, often measurable in hours. This loss of the flight immunity to fall makes the food chore suddenly lethal in a span of less than a minute, far faster than it was intended. The food bar goes from being an upkeep task to the most dangerous enemy in the game, even more than the creeper.


The result of this is that the game's primary survival challenge is no longer paying attention to your environment and preparing for your adventures, but a trial to see how long you can keep your attention flicking back to the food bar every 20 seconds. This task suddenly absorbs most of your time and attention, because failing even once is likely to be lethal. Instead of focusing on building and surviving, your focus becomes entirely absorbed in keeping yourself fed. The other option is, of course, to not fly, but that defeats the purpose of having classes that can fly. 


To summarize, the flight granted by these classes is supposed to be their primary advantage, and it is a strong one, but it is one they pay for with dramatically increased food consumption. They already must manage their food chore much more often as a result. This loss of their fall immunity swaps the chore with the primary gameplay of building/exploring/surviving. Instead of a game about those three, in which you are occasionally reminded to go feed yourself, the game becomes entirely about feeding yourself, and the other tasks become secondary. This is because the penalty for not prioritizing your food bar is so high. The player is now heavily incentivised to focus on their food bar instead of, well, every other task in minecraft.


I can understand that there is a desire to create a drawback for the flight power. It is strong. This is probably not the best way to go about it, however. If the significant food cost of flight is seen as insufficient as a drawback, I might recommend these other options as alternatives to player-killing:

1. Implement a flight delay of maybe 15-20 seconds if a player falls out of the sky. Perhaps give them the fatigue status, and ensure that fatigue prevents them from flying. This keeps the spirit in which this change was made, without making the punishment so severe as to cause food management to become the primary gameplay.

2. Prevent flying players from placing or breaking blocks. This drawback may be slightly annoying at first because it also removes an ability that flying classes previously had, but it does not alter gameplay priorities or punish players for attending to tasks other than food for more than 30 seconds at a time while airborn. 



I don't think the intention here was to create a frustrating mechanic, it was to try to balance the power of giving players flight. The frustration and warping of gameplay priorities is an accidental side effect, but one that ought to be mitigated. Hopefully a more sound and more fun solution can be found.

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I jumped from water onto a lily pad and I begin to glitch, I can't get off unless I break it. Eventually I am kicked from the server because it thinks I'm flying or what-not.


made 3 attempts, recreated 100% of the time.


other factors are that I don't have a class selected.


thank ya.

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It seems that earth ponies can't bone meal 2x2 trees... when you try it either grows the sapling or the sapling just disappears. 

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Just wanted to let someone know, that with the current shop prices, assuming that they won't change before shops will be activated again, the following will be possible:


Buy one stack of bones: -384 Bits

Craft them into 3 stacks of bonemeal.

These can automatically be converted into rose bushes using dispensers.

Sell 3 Stacks of Rose Buches: + 3 * 240 Bits.

===> Total: +336 Bits.


Also I've noticed homes being buggy on Path Blocks.

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/server SurvivalOld isn't working.

It leaves '[01:48:28] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Could not connect to a default or fallback server, please try again later: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException'

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Not sure if this will help anything but always better to have it documented rather than not:


1. Alicorns are not able to currently create Villager eggs even though the description of their abilities says so.

2. Master Class prices in /warp info are incorrect after the change to pricing was made.

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Pretty nasty bug that messes up some end game material: Elytra can only be used looking down, making them a bit pointless. Any attempt to use firework rockets (from the ground or from the air) to gain a height boost will lock you into a single block space, and teleport you back to that block over and over until you are looking down at least slightly.

Similarly, lilypads are still horribly bugged. Nobody can walk on them, and if you try it teleports you back to the block you jumped from.

5/28/2017: Another bug:

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but both the Diamond and Diamond Ore shop signs have no text on them, making it a guessing game if you want to try buying or selling. (I tested it a bit just to see; Diamonds sell at 250 per diamond, and you can buy the ore at 4000 per block.)

5/29/2017: Yet another bug:

EF III/IV/V shovels are useless right now. The server already has issues with block change requests not going through (requiring you to break the block again), but EF shovels multiply that exponentially. About 9 out of every 10 blocks will turn into a glitched block that has to be replaced and broken by hand, or else you'll get caught in a shaky falling animation if you touch the space where the block used to be (and still is, technically).

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Yet another bug
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