G1 V.S My Little Pony?

How Did The Animation Style Improve from G1 to now?  

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  1. 1. Did The Animation Improve?

    • No, not really..
    • It kinda did, both at a half.
    • Almost, just a few tweaks here and there and the animation will be amazing!
    • It looks awesome now! I love the art style too!

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Considering that G1 was traditional cel animated, it would be disrespectful in my eyes, for all the hard work that they put into G1, to call a Flash Cartoon an improvement.

So i would say, from the effort and how the Animation turned out, no, the Animation did not improve in G4.

However the My Little Pony Movie from 2017 continued the Legacy, by also being traditional animated, not with cels, but it still looked really good.

If we are Talking About all Gens, i would say G 1 was awesome, G 1.5 a step higher, G2 the same, G3 slightly down again, G 3.5 ( except for These 2 horrible Infant Shorts ) the same, G4 a step down again and the 2017 Movie and Rainbow Roadtrip up again.

Sorry, i just dislike Flash. I have way to much respect for traditional Animation, to ever call a Flash Show better than something traditional animated.


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Both animation and art style improved in FIM, with the help of Flash. (this is my opinion)


The original animation of G1 and My Little Pony Tales have quite a lot of errors because of over sea animation teams. But the backgrounds are better than FIM!


The MLP The Movie had amazing and vibrant designs, but the ponies looked too squeezed together, and not as cute as FIM or G1. And the ponies looked blind as well, with all that sparkle dust in their eyes. It was too much! Backgrounds were crazy good though (including BG animations like waterfalls and clouds), much better than FIM!

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There is one thing I noticed in G3 when compared to any other generation: Several of the animations were internally inconsistent with the art styles. I noticed this specifically in 'Friends Are Never Far Away'. As a single example of the inconsistency; some ponies (it appeared to be characters from previous animations) have thick black outlines and others (which appeared to be the new characters for that particular story) had very thin or non-existent outlines. It was 'fixed' in the next animation 'A Very Minty Christmas' where all the characters then had thick colored outlines (not black).

Now, G3 didn't have 'seasons', each animation was technically independent of the others as they were all direct-to-dvd/videotape adventures most of which were part of toysets, so the production didn't have the same kind of oversight that the two G1 series and G4 did. That's probably why they were a bit more 'wild and woolly' than any other generation.

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