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Design choices (2012 VS 2015)

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Before anything, I want to clarify the two characters are are different, the new is not just an updated version of the old, however both were originally intended to be second gen OCs mothered by Fluttershy. 


When I stumbled across this old OC in an art folder from 2012, I thought it would be interesting to draw her with my newer character just to really highlight the differences in the way I design characters now vs then. 

Also please note that this is a quickly done colored sketch, and not intended to be a fully completed masterpiece. 



The one from 2012 was a major mary sue and also an eyesore but other than that I don't really remember much about her. Not even what her talent was supposed to be, I just drew everything exactly how it was on the only picture I have of her. If anyone is curious about the 2015 OC though I'd be happy to tell you all about him ;)

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