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Making Christmas Merrier MCM V - Two Days Left!

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With only two days left, we're about to wrap up the year, and our MCM drive. I know we started late this year, but with the extra week thrown in, we are so close to hitting a major milestone. Almost $4,000 will be put to use to help those without clean water finally have it in their lives. Instead of spending several hours a day forging for water, these people will be able to strengthen their education and hopefully learn how and find ways to sustain themselves in times to come. Hopefully this amount can help them find a better, easier life by having access to something that we all have access to and take for granted.


The last two stretch goals are still accepting automatic entries for donations of only $1.


$3500 - a sweepstakes for a $15 commission credit. I know you guys love your custom art commissions, and Poniverse is willing to credit $15 for your next art commission. 


$3750 - Not one, but TWO video game giveaway drawings for steam. Mesme Rize is going to give away Torchlight 2 via Steam to the first drawing winner. Dark Tempest is going to give away a copy of Gmod + CS: Source. 


So if you have a chance, one dollar can get you in those drawings. We can hit the $4,000 and maybe more.


Thank you all for your support. A special shout out to all our donors and crew who have pulled off this awesome event!  See you next year!



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