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It's finally done! The 4th installment of everyone's favorite Bronies React ripoff with nothing but MLP Forums members! This time we had more participants, 10 not including myself to be exact, and everyone did a fantastic job! Thank you to all that participated, whether you're a veteran of the series or just joined for the first time! 


News on the next MLPF Reacts will come out shortly. If you're interested in participating next time, send me a DM and I'll jot you down for when the time comes! Oh, also, we have a Discord server going for all those who were involved, but if you're keen on joining in next time, drop into the server and get to know us! We don't bite!



Anyways, enough chit chat, grab your favorite plushie and a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy! Critique is always welcomed! ;)

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Very nice to see it, the wait was intense. :P It was really fun to participate in, and everyone else did a smash-job. And of course, thank you very much for doing all of the heavy lifting in creating this; I certainly don't have the skill/patience for it. :D

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I am here, and soon we may do another thing soon, but we have no idea what, with who or when stay tuned. also, I appear less and less....muhahahaha *cough* idk

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