OOC [OOC] The Sparkle Of A Diamond (Entries Considered)

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This roleplay will be between myself playing Golden Dawn and Fractured, who will be playing as Diamond Tiara. The two having met previously in another roleplay and now meeting again here in Ponyville, as the pegasus has come to visit the small town.


Much time has past, and this little filly has grown quite a bit. Not only from her encounter of Golden while he was on duty at the Canterlot Castle when the filly went off on her own to meet with Princess Celestia, but also from Diamond finally confronting her mother and becoming friends with the very filly she used to bully. How much has change, and will the two be able to have time to catch up after so long?


Will the Golden even recognize the filly who he had formed something of a bond with the chance meeting in Canterlot, and will Diamond be glad to see the royal guard who had treated her so well? More, perhaps had even helped her much like Princess Celestia had when speaking with her.

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