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General Questions Request Shops: Locking and Unlocking Topic based on filled requests

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I'm asking this question because I think I've seen people before who have request shop topics which lock whenever the number of requests is maxed out (to prevent people asking for "reservations").


My question is, do request shop topic creators have the ability to manually lock/unlock their topics? Or do they work with a mod to accomplish this?

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Hi, ! Locking threads is something that only the MLPForums moderation team has the ability to do. Topics stay open until they are manually locked, so you could potentially fill an endless amount of requests! :P


One of the caveats of request shops is that not everyone will see that your shop is not available at the moment. However, in addition to creating a "shop is closed" post when your queue is full, I suggest that you add "CLOSED for catchup", or something to that effect, at the very beginning of your thread's title so that it more easily comes to people's attention. You could also indicate in your initial post that you do not accept reservations during that catch-up period. 


Sometimes, artists who prefer to take long hiatuses between request batches will create a thread in which they will only do a set amount of requests (i.e. the first ten). They will then change the title to indicate that all slots are filled. Once they're ready to get back into it, they'll make another thread with only a specific amount of slots that they will fill, and so on. Hope that helps! :)

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