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Fan Fiction Darkness We Became ~The Story of Nightmare Moon~ [CH.1]


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Ok everypony, I finished the first chapter of my Nightmare Moon story on schedule so I'm pretty happy about that.

The link is below and there is an Author's Note inside that I hope everyone will read (It's very short).


If there are questions please post them here or my e-mail: mykotoshi@derpymail.org




Fate draws Celestia and Luna to rule over Equestria, and its citizens welcome both with open hearts.

Yet as time passes, the two sisters become distant, and Luna discovers the cruelty of her fate.







Chapter 2 aim: January 10th




I should add real quick that the intention of the story is to make it as show accurate as possible. I used many resources from both the current and previous generations that could/should fall into the history of Celestia's and Luna's past. I'm sure if you did some study on the material you'd be a bit surprised.




Some side-notes I fear I may not have the opportunity to include into the story or flashbacks at some time:


・At the beginning of chapter one, Luna is not an alicorn, but a unicorn. Same as her sister before the first Summer Sun ceremony. The ruling princess at that time, traditionally, imbues both sisters with wings as part of the ceremony. (A tidbit about how alicorns are born that I accept.)


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